February 18, 2011


While in the kitchen this morning cleaning up and wiping off dust. *How can there be so much dust in the winter?*
I noticed the ugly cords hanging down the wall.. This area of my kitchen is where the busy things happen.the coffee pot, the toaster, the sink dishes are in the corner cupboard so lots goes on in this area.I have wanted a shelf across the wall but with the window and the drawers Mr. T says no way. Well I had a pine shelf not in use.
I pulled off the braces and turned it upside down. it is long enough to sit on each counter.YIPEE!!!
 Gives me a place for those beautiful roses to sit in the bright sunshine. The window ledge was not big enough.
The 2nd phone sits there very well and the cords are hidden. Oh man I love it when a plan works.
The best part, when I think of another clever thing that will work better, I can just make the shelf go away.No nail holes no repair of any kind
Smiling---- the sun is shining.


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