September 28, 2011

Bridge replacement./Garden produce and God's beauty

In the town I was born and raised in there was a bridge. The town is called the Scenic City. The first picture is the old bridge. There are 3 built the same over the river going east to west.
Next we have the new bridge.

Last is a picture of one of the remaining 2 original bridges.

Now I am all for improvement but I do not feel this design is an improvement to our Scenic City of Iowa Falls.It is an ugly monstrosity.Well there I got that off my complaint list I can go on to better things.

Gardens are still producing we got a good crop of carrots.We planted the radish size carrots and they are tasty.

The tomato plants are still producing.There are hundreds of grape and little yellow and reds just the right size to snack on.
Juice is made and frozen. Nothing smells better in the fall than tomatoes cooking.

And last I was sitting on the patio the other night and enjoyed very much God's beauty.The clouds were amazing.The song For the Beauty of the Earth come to mind.

I am feeling better. Has been a long struggle. Hope your week is a good one. j

September 20, 2011


I love pumpkins!I found pumpkin dishes at Hobby Lobby a few years ago.I loved them then and still do.

The buffet has a few of my collection. I made the wool felt pumpkins on screen a few years ago.

The Tv center in the living room has a few favorites.

In the corners at each end of the sofa.One is the wall hanging. the other is my favorite lamp shade.It has a scene with pumpkins!

I love pumpkins---- jack o lanterns not so much.
I am feeling better tonight for the first time in a while, still not done with tests and DRs. Hope to get some answers soon.
A heads up CT scans are NASTY. Not the test but the stuff you have to drink.

Fall is here in Iowa it is time to move in some tender plants and the pond fish. Greenhouse needs a bit of repair.
Good to feel better. Hope to get to the greenhouse repair soon.
Have a great week.j

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September 16, 2011

Clay county fair

A quick post.We planned a 5 day stay at the Clay county fair.
Well it did not work out after just one day.I got sick and ended up in the emergency room at Spencer hospital.
Had Very good care.
Mr. T had so looked forward to the stay.I feel bad he did not get the time he needed to see it all.
Not done seeing Dr.s yet. Will be going to see more Dr.s this week. Not sure what is wrong but could use prayers.Thanks j