February 8, 2011

sewing space

Over the last few months I have seen sewing room pictures on other blogs.Some are just so organized with beautiful matching cabinets and shelves. Everything built in,----a special place for everything.They are beautiful and if I had the $ I would love to have that kind of space. It is not going to happen.
I am to frugal.(cheap).

Today I read this phrase* make do or do with out*
It is something I have done for years.

It is popular now to go to flea markets,yard sales, 2nd hand stores etc.
I have been doing that my whole life. My mom is the queen of  2nd hand. She has owned a shop for as long as I can remember and she is 83. Still buys and sells. Keeps her young.

My 5 siblings are all collectors of things. Not all the same things.
Over the years mom helped each of us acquire a set of depression glass, mine is Manhattan glass.I will share that another day.

In my world nothing matches. It is a hodge podge of things I have acquired over the years. Things I love. In my sewing space I don't have matching cabinets and shelf units for my fabric.

I have a cupboard with shelves that was my mother in laws.There is a mix and match of shelves and cupboards that have been used for lots of different things over the years since coming to live here. An oak kitchen table, A barbers cupboard,shelves for magazines and sewing books, a sewing cabinet that Mr. T( just fixed for me last weekend.)

He took out the old machine, added a brace and wood to fill the hole where the old machine sat, I recovered the bench seat. My serger now has a permanent place.The cabinet was so unique I could not throw it out.The bench slides under it, the door closes and it looks like a stack of drawers.

My ironing table is an old sorting cupboard.The fabric I used ,to cover it,was a table cloth it its other life.

 My cutting table is a small baby crib.I bought it to display dolls in the shop years ago.It is so handy to store things in the bed part. My rulers stand up in between the side rails. It is on rollers so I can move it if I need to. Mr.T added pieces to the 4 corners to make it higher and added a board for the cutting top. My cutting matte fits perfectly.I could add a pretty skirt but it would just be in my way.

Because our basement flooded in 08 I no longer use it for my sewing space. I do store totes of my fabric stash there. I took back the family room for my sewing space.
This space started out as my greenhouse when I had the flower/greenhouse business. Mr.T built it with the idea it would one day be a family room which is was while our children were here.

Mr. T . didn't mind me taking the space I left a recliner and tv in one area just so he had his space to watch nascar. I will not be sewing on those days.

I am still arranging and adjusting things. My new machine is a joy and I love being in this space. I love being able to see my fabric.

So there you have it my hodge podge sewing space.I am blessed to have such a space.

Bitter cold today -30 wind chill. A good day to stay in and sew.


Lisa said...

Wow Judy, it looks wonderful! And so much neater than mine. Now I can picture you in that room when we are chatting.

Highland Monkey's said...

Wish I had a dedicated craft room. Also wish I had your stash of frabric!