February 26, 2012

This week.

Wow the weeks are flying by again. Our beautiful oldest daughter celebrates her birthday today. Happy birthday Bec.

 This week we got a few more honey do's done. The shelf got made,painted and hung in the bedroom.

  I finished several little quilts. Cut too many pieces so decided to use them up.Have a good week everyone.j


February 17, 2012

Little quilts /binding finished

 I am linking to At the picket fence.

When I cut the strips for this quilt I cut 3 inch strips the width of the fabric. M.J. doll thinks this quilt is for her because it matches her dress.

 I ended up with a lot of extra pieces.
I laid them out on my iron table.

I used some of the triangle squares and some of the 1 1/2 inch strips to make this.
 It is ready to quilt and bind.

This is a mug rug from 4, 1/2 triangles.Sew easy. j

My week

A trip to the Joann store in Ames was a welcome trip.The weather is not warm enough to garden but warm enough for a day trip.We ate at Hickory Park again.Good food!
We went to Lowe's for electrical wire. More progress for the new laundry area. YAY! We found a globe that fit the fan/light fixture. That is finished.
The weather was so nice yesterday Mr. T could use the cement mixer to finish the pad for the washer/dryer. That was so much easier than mixing by hand.

We stopped at Story City,on the way home, at the antique mall. They had a lot of dolls. I found one in my budget. She needs a body. That will be my weekend project. I know very little about China dolls.This one just caught my eye she will be at least 18 inches when done. I love her face.Well that was my week. Hope you all have a great weekend.j

February 13, 2012


Mr.T. made a bit more progress on the back porch(soon to be laundry room).

Ceiling is in,Fan and light is up. Cement pad 1/2 done today. Much more to do but we are not in a hurry. Mr. T does not have a hurry up button! But his work is the best!

I worked on the Feb. little quilt challenge. Broken dishes from Kathleen Tracy.

I feel I am getting better but then I look at the finished blocks and see I am still losing points at the edges. Should have sewn a scant 1/4 inch seam.
Oh well it is for me so no matter.

I should know to quit when it is late but i wanted to get it done.Can you see my mistake? So I took out the last row and redid it.Much better. By the end of the year I should have a little quilt with no mistakes. Ha!

The back and batting are now pinned on  ready to quilt it.
Have a great week. 36 days till spring!! j

February 8, 2012

Checking in.Birthdays,quilting and plant blooms

I will link to http://www.tootsietime.com/
It is already Wed.Where does the time go? This month our daughter and oldest grand daughter have a birthday. Oldest daughter does not like birthdays so pretend I didn't mention it.
Our DGD turned 18 this week.Time goes by so fast.Love u Hallie.

This week I finally finished hand and machine quilting the Pin wheel quilt.Pattern by Kathleen Tracy. I added doves to the center and some heart buttons. I can use it for Valentines day. Glad to finish it before the day.

Yesterday when I opened  the greenhouse door there was such a wonderful scent. My star jasmine plant was blooming.Just 2 small flowers filled the space with a heavenly scent.
 The shamrock and geraniums are blooming again.
The poinsettia from 2010 has turned and has a bloom.What a treat.
Spring will be here soon.Have a good rest of the week.j