September 14, 2015

Class committe meeting./Fall Apples

One of our class mates from South Dakota was in town so we had a meeting. It was more of a gab fest but it was fun. Good to see and talk to all of them.

This last week we had apples to do. I made some freezer apple pie filling,apple butter,apple fritter bread and some apple fritters. I found the recipes for  on pinterest.
makes about a dozen.Enjoy have a great week. j

September 8, 2015

Storm pictures

Sunday evening the storm clouds rolled in. We took a drive and I took some pictures of the storm progress. The only lighting shot and a car had to get in the picture.  I need more practice with my camera. Next time I will remember the sports setting.

We made a great loaf of apple fritter bread. Recipe is on   I did not put the glaze on it. No matter it was very good without it.T oday we did freezer apple pie filling, recipe here.  We are also making apple sauce. Time now for a rest. Hope your holiday was a good one.j

September 4, 2015

pumpkin pillow project

Thursdays is sewing with Justine day. We have had a few weeks break from our routine.Yesterday we started again. I had seen a pumpkin pillow on a blog and thought it perfect to start with this season. It is a cover for a 16 inch pillow form. It is fun for Justine to choose from my fabric stash. She made great choices for this.I am too matchy matchy. She just chooses what she likes and it works. The back ground fabric is a peach not so pinky in person. have a great weekend.j
Here is the blog

A trip to goodwill

I had errands to run in town and made a stop at the good will. I always look for the manhatten pattern of depression glass I collect. I did not find any but I did find some amber sandwich and a couple of other pieces. A prescut pitcher and a lead glass vase.

 I had posted about my pumpkin dishes with an old picture. I played with decorating yesterday morning. Always fun. The platter on the bottom shelf is new from TJ max. The amber glass goes so well with the dishes.