October 29, 2014


 I have taken lots of pictures and I was looking at some of them and see I take a lot of pictures of clouds,flowers,kids,dolls and Ziva. Here are some of the cloud pictures. The last ones looked like the clouds were on fire. Gods beauty. j





October 18, 2014

Fall beauty

 Here is the fall blooming clematis.Blooming then the seeds. It is beautiful with blooms and seed pods.

 Japanese maple in the south patio planter

 Volunteer oak tree in the back garden.

Morning moon.Have a great weekend.

October 3, 2014

Busy fall

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We have been busy this fall. Lots of projects to do. We camped last weekend.It was a beautiful weekend at Beeds Lake.The weekend weather was perfect. Most likely it is our last camping trip this year.


More tomatoes and peppers were ready to do. We made salsa.Tomatoes, peppers, onions, green chillies,celery in the 3rd batch, Mrs. Wages mild seasoning. The first batch we cooked for an hour. 2nd and 3rd batch was cooked much longer.3-5 hours
 2nd and 3rd better, not as much liquid in the last 2 batches. Altogether 31 pints. It is very good.

 The beets were also ready.
We both like beets. Will last us the winter.
Mr. T. bought a new chopper at the Clay co. fair .It worked great for all the chopping and dicing we had to do.

 We finished the onions we grew. Mr.T says he is not proud of the onion crop but we got 10/2 cup bags in the freezer.Good enough for us. You can see the food chopper Mr.T bought. It was fantastic for the onions.

The tree stump finally got ground into mulch. There was a very big trailer load. We now have a good place to park the motor home.

The greenhouse is now cleaned and ready for plants and fish. The weather has turned and it is 49 degrees this morning with a lot of wind. The leaves will be on the ground after today.  Time to get the rest of the plants in and seal up the door. Time to put the covers on the screen porch. I am hoping for a few more nice days.We will  just have to take whatever it is. Have a good weekend. j