March 30, 2013


Hallelujah. Praise God from whom all blessings fall.
Happy Easter everyone. Enjoy the day. j

March 26, 2013

New Easter dress and bonnet

This past weekend I made a new dress & bonnet for Bonnie. Spring colors. Spring is on the way! We will be busy the next few days getting ready for company over the weekend. I want to wish you all a very Happy Easter. God Bless. j
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March 24, 2013


We took a road trip this past week. We drove to Burlington. Took a look at the Mississippi. A different kind of bridge,the train that is on display.

 I think this bird is a sea gull.Not sure but it was there in the parking lot and not a bit afraid.

 On the way we stopped at a rest stop and off in the distance What did I see? A robin the first for me of the season.

 We went to stay over night with our daughter and her son Cam.They were surprised.We had not seen them since Christmas and needed a kid fix. Here he is ready for school. Boy they get on the bus early.

What a good trip.Nice to be retired so we can just take off when we want. It was Mr.T's birthday and it was a nice sunny day both days we were gone. It does not take a lot to make us happy. We did a bit of shopping. Had a good meal. What could be better.My re-potted shamrock plant is blooming .
Have a good week. And a wonderful Easter.Spring really is on the way.j

March 17, 2013

What a difference

Yesterday, Mr. T. had to help me pull a wig off a doll. Poor thing. That old wig was really on there tight. She is a battat that was much loved.
Her hair was beyond repair and she was a bit soiled. (aka dirty) After we removed her hair I re wigged her  with a wig I had on hand.

 .Here she is much cleaner and in a new dress.

She is wearing a hand sewn bonnet. The first I made several years ago.

 Mr.T has been working on the list. You know the one. Things that have been waiting till he had time. Retirement
is great. He has done so many things I can't even tell you them all.One was to make me new fabric shelves in the sewing/family room. My fabric was in the basement in totes. not productive at all. We started bringing them up one at a time.I put the fabric on the shelves.It is not as organized as I want it to be but when the weather gets hot and I need to be inside I will do that job. For now it is fun.Like shopping in my own house. In one of the totes I found vintage aprons. I knew I had some but had no idea which tote they were in.
What is the point of having a collection if you can't see it. I had the last piece of the ladder we have cut for other projects. I hung it to display a few quilts. Yesterday I added the aprons to the top. I have seen many sewing spaces on line.Mine will never look like those rooms. It is full----- it is a bit cluttered and I love it.

Mr.T helped me make bread yesterday,of course we used the bread machine. I have tried many times to make a nice loaf of bread.It always turns out ok but not a big loaf that fills the machine. It had to be him helping !!! The bread was perfect.Now it is his job to help make bread. What a guy!
So many things that made a difference. The wig,the shelves and Mr.T.,the sewing space. I am blessed and thankful each day. Hope you all have a great week. j
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March 13, 2013

Boys and snow.Something green/more little quilts

No matter the age 7 or 67 boys love the snow.The days are going by so fast. Soon it will be time to garden.

Speaking of garden. The geraniums and tomato plants are looking good.

 A few weeks ago I replanted my shamrock plant.It was sad.Only 3 leaves.
 Look at it now just in time for St.Patty's day.

A few things I worked on this last week. Thought I'd share. The first one was an idea I got from the Missouri Quilt Company video. The 4 farm mug rugs were a panel I cut apart. The last one was an unfinished piece of my mother in laws. I like doing the binding the most of making quilts. So I spent a few evenings doing the bindings. I have run out of projects so it is time to do some cutting for more little quilts.
Hope you are all happy and healthy.j

March 11, 2013

Beauty in winter

 We had a beautiful winter snow. Even the ugliest tree is beautiful covered in snow. The first picture is the old lilac in the bird feeding area.
The melting ice picture was from 2 days ago. Made amazing shapes as it melted.

 It brought out the birds this morning to the feeders. I thought I'd share. Mr. and Mrs. cardinal both posed so nice.The blue jay not so much. The wrens and sparrows all shared until the jay showed up. I think the black and white bird is a female downy woodpecker. Stay warm and safe.j

March 5, 2013

Waiting for spring

 Not a lot going on at this time of year. Thought I'd share a few of the daily things I do, just like everyone else. Feeding the bird is new for us this year.We will put in a new sliding door where the window is. It will be much easier to watch them and easier to get to the feeders.

The fish seem to be happy in their winter tanks.I enjoy watching the fish in the pond. when they are in the greenhouse for the winter they are crowded but don't seem to mind as long as I feed them.

I repotted the little roses I bought at the grocery.I will plant them outside when the weather is warm.That is not far away.The months are going by so fast again this year. Soon we will be mowing grass.

 The geranium seeds have sprouted all but one.The impatients and tomatoes are slow in sprouting. Hope I didn't get duds. Seeds are expensive.12 geranium seeds $1.89 but that is cheaper than buying the plants.
This is the current challenge quilt I am working on. See my mistake? I will fix it this morning and finish the quilt today.

There is nothing better than a warm choc. chip cookie on a cold winter's day. Hope your week is a good one. j
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