August 20, 2014

Quilt tops 2014

 I have made several quilt flimsy s. Only one finished.  I had a lot of scraps and one day just wanted to sew. Not make anything in particular. Ended up with 300 4 1/2 inch blocks.

The first one is from 4 1/2 blocks I made.

The pin wheel is a favorite pattern.After it was all done I did not like the 2 red blocks together and I did take it apart and change that.

 This one I started with 5 inch blocks from my mother in laws fabric stash. Another pin wheel. All the fabrics are from my stash.

 I love making the hexes with the 60 degree ruler. I made many and decided to put them together into this quilt.

This red black and white is the latest.It now has a black 3 inch sashing.

This is one I finished. Quilted, and binding done. Hope you are having a good week.j

August 10, 2014

Good weekend

Our daughter and her son came for the weekend. We tried a new recipe using a large head of cauliflower Mr.T grew. I forgot to get a picture. It was 12 inches across. The heads did not look like the snow white ones in the store. He tied the leaves up but the rain knocked them off. Cauliflower starts to turn a bit purple and is a off white. Any way the recipe is here
The steamed cauliflower is grated very fine. We mixed and spread on a well greased baking stone. Then baked. Buttered the top then cheese. Cut and eat! Oh so good.

 Cam was into having sweet corn for lunch. Along with BLT's, with tomatoes from their garden.The first tomatoes of the year are always so good.
Papa and Cam in the shop husking/shucking the corn.

Eating is the best part.

Ziva loves for Cam to visit.

Their time here is always to short. School shopping was on the list for today in Ames. Doesn't seem possible that school starts in 2 weeks.
Hope your week is special. j

August 2, 2014

What I've been working on.

 I keep seeing pictures of table toppers and quilts that I like. The runner I made first then with left over blocks I made the table topper.

 This is paper pieced. I added more rows and it is now ready to be finished.
 My young friend Justine has been working on learning to sew.She got a blue ribbon at the county fair and will go to the state fair this week with her dolls.She made the dolls from kits and the dresses from pre printed fabric.

 I usually don't buy patterns.I did buy this one.It is all triangles.Fun to do.
This is another project Justine did.She needed a gift so we made a pin cushion.
Summer is going to be over before we know it. Enjoy j
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