September 26, 2012

Good food new chair

This morning I was cleaning out the fridge.You know how it is you put something in the freezer for just a little while. Well I found a bag of green beans I put in there earlier this summer when I cooked a large pot of fresh green beans,way to many for us to eat. I decided to do something with them before they got freezer burn. I heated the frozen beans,(about 2 quarts) so I could make green bean casserole. (Didn't want to wait for them to defrost.) Got them strained, opened the can of cream of chicken soup ; well turned out to be cheddar cheese soup. Dang! well now what? I added a can of mixed vegetables, a half can of Frenches onions and an envelope of onion soup mix. Oh my goodness it is good. I will add buttered bread crumbs before I bake it for supper.Along with BBQ pork sandwiches it will be good.
Will let you know if Mr. T thinks it is a keeper recipe.
If he does it will be the 2nd one this week.
I have lots of tomatoes and tried making cream of tomato soup. It was so so good. Will be making more for sure.I didn't think to take a pictures.Sorry next time.
I cooked 5 med. tomatoes ,a chopped onion, 2 small potatoes quartered,1 teaspoon mrs. dash seasoning 1/2 teaspoon garlic juice,1 teaspoon tastefully simple seasoned salt in 4 cups of chicken broth. When the potatoes were done and it cooled a bit I put it in my blender on puree. I strained out the seeds just because I don't like them.Set aside. Make a rue of 1/4 stick butter 4 table spoons flour and add a can of evaporated milk.Wisk to smooth. Add to first mixture. I put it in a slow cooker on low just to keep till supper. I never know when that will be while Mr. T is in the field. I served it with seasoned crackers.Good food!
Funny how when the weather gets cooler I get in the mood to cook.
The weather is beautiful but I am praying for rain everyday.
I also get in the mood to move things around.
 The shelves were in the living room but I moved things around to accommodate a new to me glider chair from Carol Ann's 2nd hand store. The cushions are not my favorite color so I will probably have them redone in a neutral.

I needed a place for the bread and chips.I do not have a bread box and it is unhandy to have it in the pantry. The shelves works out for now. I am keeping my eye open for a small taller cupboard to replace the blue cupboard under the window. I think I will paint the shelves the new color I am going to paint the island cupboards. So much for my Wed. Hope you all are having a great week.j
ps. the beans were a big hit with Mr.T.

September 21, 2012

Fall plants

    The gourd vine has grown.The pictures tell it all.It is covering the greenhouse.It has been fun to watch it grow,about a foot a day after it finally got going.The little gourds will probably not dry.They are to small.The last picture is of the baby gourd in the 3rd picture. They are only about 4-5 inches long.
    The flowers last a day. I have moved the big ferns and some of the other house plants back into the greenhouse.The Christmas cactus is beautiful.I brought it in.Hope it will bloom.The last pictures are the pots on the front steps and the volunteer sun flowers under the bird feeders.Something is really eating the flower petals.Happened over night.The bumble bees are loving them.

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    Have a great weekend.j

    September 11, 2012

    Another done

    I finally finished up another doll.She has been waiting a long time. She is sold and I think I kept putting it off so she did not have to leave. Well I got just the right fabric to make her dress.

    She made from a patter by Susan Fosnot. The doll is one I made for my last class with Susan.j

    September 6, 2012

    Change is good. I forgot to take before pictures .I had  blue mason jars on the shelf. 
    Soon it will be time for tea and hot chocolate again. Moving things around always lifts my spirits.
    They,the blue jars, are now on the screen porch in the hoosier cupboard.

     The lamp shade has a wooden lid. I have used a cookie jar as the base then,a gallon jar and now the jar full of tea as a base. Fun!

     This fits me,so I framed it.
    "I want to lead a simple uncluttered life.I really DO!Apparently I'm incapable of it."
     "This is my kitchen and I will do as I darn well please. "
    I have had these little plates on the wall and signs for years and love them still.Something I will never change are the touches of Americana I have though out our home. These 2 flower pots have held my necessary kitchen tools for years. I love them still. No change here. 

    The hot pot is great. Makes a cup at a time. Tea or hot chocolate.

    The shelf above the sink was in need of a make over too.I added some of my pumpkin collection

    It is time to paint the base cupboards. When we did the kitchen remodel in 2007 I was so worn out when it came the the new base cabinets I only put a couple of light coats of finish. Now is time to choose the color.what do you think? Mr.T. and I both picked the same one. The one on the top of the door. I will will glaze them like I did the top cupboards.

    The vine is growing a foot a day. It has covered the greenhouse roof.Well time to tweek a bit more.
    Have a great weekend. j
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    September 5, 2012

    This year I planted gourd seed to grow up on the greenhouse.Oh my goodness they are growing. The old  wire bed spring was just the thing for it to hang onto.
    It was slow to start but now grows a foot a day.The baby gourds are forming.I'm not sure we will get any big enough to dry but it is fun to watch this thing grow.

    I also planted a vine on the new fence.It was a new plant to me.I think it was a candle vine.the blossoms are really unusual and pretty.                                                                                                   The vine on the arbor has beautiful colored berries.They almost look fake. Blue,green and purple. The weather is a bit cooler. My Doctors appointment went well yesterday. All is good in my world. Hope it is the same for you.jlink

    September 3, 2012

    Fall color

    It is still too hot for me to work outside much so I did a bit of redo in the screen porch. It is a room I love. It looks out onto the patio and the bird feeders.The before summer table.

    It is a cozy room. It is perfect to have breakfast and the later into fall will be great for lunch and supper.The after.

    Rusty orange has always been a favorite color.My MIL gave me a table cloth 40 years ago that I still love to use in the fall. Hope everyone has a great labor(less) day.j

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