October 30, 2013

wall hanging/Wahoo plant

Todays blog post is about a few things that are not connected in any way.
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I finished up the other wall hanging. First one was for my friend. This one is for me.It was a panel I added 3 borders to.Green gold and black.The binding is from a fabric I have had for years and never had a need to use it. Looks like Indian corn kernels.
The little witch is one I made years ago.  One of many witches I have made over the years.The wire basket is full of gourds we grew on the greenhouse last year.The plants are moved in to the greenhouse.

Last week I finished a fall table runner for my sofa table. The middle blocks are the Oct. challenge on the small quilts site.The end blocks are new fabric I just HAD to use.
  Ziva is such a joy.Here is a new picture.8 months on the 20th
The trees are turning.the Japanese maple is beautiful and the Wahoo bush has berries .If you have never heard of the wahoo bush here is a site.http://www.hortmag.com/plants/plant-profiles/the-wahoo-plant hope your week is going good.j

October 6, 2013

Reuse of a door

We can mark off another thing on the to do list.
When we did our kitchen remodel in 2007 we removed the swinging door between the 2 rooms. I had an idea to make a hat rack/bench with the door and an end table.
The end table was made by Father Kruse from the church doors of St.Mary's church in Williams Iowa.
He made several sets of end tables and coffee tables. We bought the set,of 3 that had the small window in each piece,for our family room. The room is now a sewing room and we do not use the tables there any longer. The coffee table is now a counter in the outdoor kitchen.The one side table is in a bedroom.The other we used for the seat of the new hat rack/bench. It fits the space in our small front entry. I love it!
First,picture is the table. See the little window.The church doors were oak , very heavy, thick doors. I had it decorated with a few things not knowing we would finish the project.
One is a little witch doll I finally finished last week. Poor dolly had not clothes for 6 years.

 Next is the swinging door we were going to sand it down but the patina of the 100 year old door was just to good to mess with.
 The arm rests were from boards I had from the Alden library remodel. It is hard to see but there are 2 brass hat hooks.One on each side.
Of course I had to decorate a bit. Love it! Have a great week.j
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Enchanted Acres

 A few weeks ago we took a Sunday afternoon ride to see what the newly oped Enchanted Acres was all about.What a great new place. Great place to take the family.Check it out EnchantedAcresIA@yahoo.com