November 30, 2012

A little more

 The weather was so nice on Thursday we worked outside most of the afternoon. Cleaned out the garden shed. Found some old decorations and decided to repupose a few. Americana is always part of my decorating.

The lights were not on in the little trees. I had some old greens that we used on the porch years past.This year we went with the real thing.



 The kale is still beautiful.
 I moved the cream separator hangers I made in the summer. Hung them off the porch roof.Filled them with greens and hydrangea. 
 The old greens I put on the fences.
 Using up things from the past. The sled was Mr. T.'s.I painted it a few years ago.
 The sled has a new place in the top planter out front.
 We Love America Snow Much. My 2nd hand sign fits perfectly.

A new hat. The snowman had a bad year last year. The top of his hat broke off. The flower pot gave him a new lease on life wiht a top hat.

November 28, 2012

The fun has begun

I love Christmas, always have. Even with our empty nest the house gets decorated. I usually run out of time before the decorating gets done. But that's ok there is always another year. I was going to try to do one room at a time but I seem to go from one to another as I think of something I want to display.

I started in the doll room window. Only because I had the twig tree to place there. These are just a few of my favorite things. The doll by the play sign is the tiniest I own she is 1/2 inch tall. I have many santa's  but plaid pants is a favorite.

People ask me why I decorate so much. I say I do it for me because I love it. It is not fancy it is homey.
But the most important reason is to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ.

I will share more as it gets done. Hope your day is the best.j

November 25, 2012


This years turkey was as good as the last one. Dry brining is the only way to go. It makes for a nice brown moist turkey---hot or cold. Here it is resting before Mr.T carved it.
Thursday Cam did a great job setting the table. We used the knife holders ,individual salt and peppers, the pumpkin butter spreaders and of course cloth napkins. He really likes a special table. We decided place mats were ok instead of a table cloth. Am I getting lazy or what?
Not quite as special on Friday but nice. Both days were buffet style,less serving dishes.We had the works. Mashed potatos and gravy, dressing, sweet potatoes,corn, relish and rolls. 3 salads,fruit,cranberry,broccoli slaw.
Pie for dessert.The cherry ran over as usual but it still tasted good.We also had pumpkin from no. 2 daughter.
It is so nice to have the island for serving.. Even after 5 years I still love my remodeled kitchen.It is so handy.

I always try to get pictures of the grands just before they go home.
Got Sydney but not Cam. Our beautiful Sydney is taller than me now.
Got Cam earlier in the day doing what they all do now.

I love it when the grands come to visit. Cam will be here during Christmas vacation.I wish all 6 could be here but they are growing up and have jobs or live too far away. I am glad for phones and the internet to keep in touch.

We had news from the oldest grand daughter. She is engaged. Does not seem possible. God bless you both.

I hope everyone had a great turkey day. Time to start decorating for Christmas it will be here all too soon.j

November 22, 2012


From our table to yours.Happy Thanksgiving. God bless you and yours.j

November 14, 2012

Never missed

In the 48 years we have been married Mr. T. has never missed giving me roses. This year is a mix of red and yellow. Thank you love you.j

November 14th 1964

The day I married my high school sweetheart. There is no man on earth that is better,more honest,more giving than Mr.T. We made a life with 4 children and 6 grand children. It could not be better. Well a little more $ would help but we get by.

The day was the record high for that date for years at 71 degrees. It was a beautiful day.The only pictures we have are a few snap shots.

.Looking back we were so young and had no clue what was ahead. It has not always been easy but we have toughed it out. Happy anniversary to my dear u always j

November 12, 2012

Things that make me smile.

 This morning I had a little project. The plant stand was from Carol Ann's 2nd hand store. A place that always makes me smile. I painted and stained it. Turned out just the way I wanted that makes me smile!

The pumpkin to the right in the first picture needed an arrangement. Displayed it on the table in the living room.
I have not done any flower arranging for a long time.Brought back good memories of working in the flower shop.
I had the flowers in my stash. It makes me smile.
 link to

Making homemade noodles always makes me smile. And last but not least Mr.T. makes me smile.Have a great week.j

November 9, 2012

Home and stuff

I spend way to much time looking at other blogs.Yesterday I visited several and got to thinking do they really live like that? Nothing was out of place. The counter are spotless. No papers,no dirty glasses in the sink. I wonder about the use of old peeling paint on the shabby chic things. Don't they worry about lead paint? I would get so tired of all white everything .I like color! Don't get me wrong I love looking at all the beautiful pictures but REALLY. Who lives like that?

Good place to see blogs.

We live all over our house. Things get out of place. I blog, but it takes way to much time to stage rooms. It would be a full time job.
Thought I'd share the rearranged living room. I had a sofa table in the doll room that I decided needed to be behind the sofa so lamps could be place there to give me better light to sew by.

See the blanket by the recliner? That keeps Mr. T warm while he watches tv. If I put it away he would not be able to find it and would grumble. See my sewing stuff by the sofa.It is always within reach.

Another thing, as long as I'm on a roll,. I like my stuff. I like to see it. I don't want to store things away and bring it out once in a while. I like seeing it all the time. Some people give me grief about all my stuff but I have found others out there in blog land that like their stuff too. They are in my blog list. Cozy Little House,and Debbie Dabble to name a couple.

I love this blog.
My kind of spaces.

I found these pilgrims at my favorite 2nd hand store.Carol Ann's -----love them .

I added a bit to the arrangement on the buffet.

See the sweet little dispenser? Hallie  found it for me. I love it! She knows me well.

 I love our home. It makes me happy. We have lived here 42 years. Moved here November 14th 1970. There have been many changes in those years. We are blessed.Have a great weekend. j

November 8, 2012

Green Space

 There is nothing  I enjoy more than my small greenhouse. It has been a place to sooth my spirit when I am uneasy. I went out this morning to plant the amaryllis bulbs. I don't have much luck with them.They always grow great leaves but no blooms. This year I planted all 5 bulbs in one pot. At least there will be a lot of green.
The space is small and full. I saved my begonias this year. They were so pretty I just could not leave them out in the cold.
We added a 2nd big tank for the pond fish. They seem happy. The veggie filter is working really well on one not so much the other. The pump may be to small. Will change it and see if it makes a difference.
I enjoy spending time out there. In fact I lose all thought of time just fiddling with the plants or watching the fish. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy. They say snow next week is possible. I am blessed to have this green space.Hope your week was good. j

November 5, 2012

My doll room

I am lucky to have a room to display the dolls I have made and a few I collect. This room was once a porch now enclosed. The east windows look into the living room.
This summer Mr.T. and Larry put in a new window to the west. The light is great.
I have been waiting for Mr.T. to finish the inside.He is done and we cleaned the room really good. Each doll was dusted and moved. it was so much fun remembering when I made or collect each. There are a lot. I thought I would get rid of some but -------- well it is like getting rid of one of my kids so for now they stay. I added a small table to allow me to do my oil painting in a space I can leave and come back to. The shelves we added to the sides of the window were floor shelves but worked perfect by the windows. They had doors on the bottom shelf but we took them off. Much better use of space.Mr T. working on the window shelf.stuff stacked.Shelves above the windows have the big dolls.You can see some of the unfinished dolls waiting to be painted. It will be nice to have this space to do that.I am thankful for it. Good job Mr. T.
Have a good week.j