July 19, 2014

Hooked on hexies

 I am hooked on making these little hexies. It is called English paper piecing.

 The flowers I am sewing together with my machine using a fancy stitch.These are all from my scrap box.

 I made a lot of random hexies. One day I sewed them together into a small quilt. After making this quilt I decided I wanted a purse out of some of a hexies quilt. I made a little quilt without the binding. I used it for the bottom piece of the purse.
I found a tutorial on u tube.It is in 2 parts.

I am working on a hexie flag. I have several more rows of red and white to add. I think 6 more rows will be just right. Time to put my feet up and make more hexies. Have a good week.j
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July 13, 2014


I went out to take pictures around the yard of the annual flowers I planted in containers this spring but only got a few because of the mosquitoes. The coal buckets are beautiful but you can no longer see what they are. The petunias and jenny have really taken over.

The big begonia is a favorite.

 The volunteer  poppies are back. There used to be double pink poppies but they did not come back this year.

The geraniums in these pictures are the ones I grew from seed in 2013. I kept them over winter in the greenhouse. This years seed geraniums will be big and beautiful next year. I see there are a few weeds coming up in the cracks of the patio. Will get to that soon.

The trouble I am having with gout has kept me off my feet for a while. It is better now.Hope the town sprays for mosquitoes again soon so we can enjoy the outdoors.  Have a great week j
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