July 6, 2016

My projects

While Justine worked on her things I did a bit of sewing. I have several flimsy's done.No pictures yet. I also did a few pincushions for an on line challenge. Kathleen Tracy's small quilt talk group,The naked dolly at the bottom is covered with the challenge quilt. The large pin cushion I found here.


brass candle stick base

pn cushion doll
first had a small quilt challenge then a pincushion parade on the 4th of July. have a great day j

Fun 4h projects

We worked and finished the 4H projects.This is  all over 11 different days and over 25 hours total time. It was a complicated doll for a 13 year old and she did fantastic. It was her first time doing a face and she did both well. I should have taken a side shot picture so you could see how it looks. I will add a picture of the doll before it was dressed. The pillow turned out good too. Good luck Justine. j