July 19, 2014

Hooked on hexies

 I am hooked on making these little hexies. It is called English paper piecing.

 The flowers I am sewing together with my machine using a fancy stitch.These are all from my scrap box.

 I made a lot of random hexies. One day I sewed them together into a small quilt. After making this quilt I decided I wanted a purse out of some of a hexies quilt. I made a little quilt without the binding. I used it for the bottom piece of the purse.
I found a tutorial on u tube.It is in 2 parts.

I am working on a hexie flag. I have several more rows of red and white to add. I think 6 more rows will be just right. Time to put my feet up and make more hexies. Have a good week.j
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July 13, 2014


I went out to take pictures around the yard of the annual flowers I planted in containers this spring but only got a few because of the mosquitoes. The coal buckets are beautiful but you can no longer see what they are. The petunias and jenny have really taken over.

The big begonia is a favorite.

 The volunteer  poppies are back. There used to be double pink poppies but they did not come back this year.

The geraniums in these pictures are the ones I grew from seed in 2013. I kept them over winter in the greenhouse. This years seed geraniums will be big and beautiful next year. I see there are a few weeds coming up in the cracks of the patio. Will get to that soon.

The trouble I am having with gout has kept me off my feet for a while. It is better now.Hope the town sprays for mosquitoes again soon so we can enjoy the outdoors.  Have a great week j
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June 30, 2014

Bathroom update

Do you like stuff?? Those that know me know I like my stuff. Things that bring good memories,things given to me, things I have found and things that I forgot I had.
I decided The upstairs bathroom needed something new. We re did this bath a few years ago. Put in a tile floor and a dressing table. The dressing table was made from the top of an old TV. We added a leg and a glass top.I love it still.
I decided to add a new mirror but had to have it made to fit the spot the old one had. the old one was oval with a decorative frame. I had decided to do a bit of Americana country in this bathroom along with my stuff.
Shopping in my house is fun. I found old door knobs, an old window,(found by the curb with 2 others)crocks, pictures, a moon shelf ( like my grandma had) along with a braided rug (from my stash of rugs,made by the veterans at the Marshalltown, VA center) .

 The Evening in Paris collection is from Mr.T. ,from when we were in high school. I love it still and have some left in the bottles for special occasions. The picture below the shelf was made by a friend by pressing flowers. I have had it for years.

Cost was minimal. $30 for fabric(shower curtain window treatment.). $6 for a new toilet rug. I did not want to repaint. I like the blue and yellow and I may want to change the curtains again.

 A lot of folks like minimal. I do not.
I want to see my stuff and have easy access to it when I need something,so I have open shelves built behind the bathroom door in both our bathrooms.
I have collected crocks and pottery pieces for years and use it for lots of things besides flowers. I do love flowers and plants as you can see on my window shelf. The plant on the left grew across the old valance so I put it back.I have a project I am working on today to add to the wall for hanging things. I'll share when I am done. I got it done. works great.Thanks to Mr. Tom for his help.

The weather is bad again today with with more dangerous storms and flooding. Better gt off the pc. till later j

June 21, 2014

New little quilt

I have around 300 of these scrappy quilt blocks sewn. Just wanted to use up some scraps so I sat down one day and started sewing them together. They have been in a basket for a few months.
Yesterday I started cutting them with my 60 degree ruler. This is what I ended up with. How fun is that!!!
I used fabrics for the border I have had for a very long time.It is some of my favorite and I forgot all about it in a cupboard. I love fabric with stars and most every quilt I have done has star fabric in it.The border fabrics both have stars as does the back fabric It is so much fun to go shopping in my own house. It is 23x25 inches.

June 19, 2014

Sofa update

 After posting the quilt picture I realized how bad the leather sofa was looking. I had a product to clean and restore.
It is called guardsman.

First you clean it then put the 2nd coat on to protect. Boy did it work!!!
Sofa looks almost new. Boy!!! it is raining really hard. The river was high yesterday. It will be running about level to the dam after this rain.
Good day to sew. j

June 17, 2014

Hexie doll quilt and a UFO

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I finished a lap quilt I have had ( for a very long time) pinned and ready to quilt and bind. The quilting part always put me off on bigger quilts.I decided to do it the same way I do my little quilts with a wavy line of stitches. I do not like a lot of quilting and this is kind of like free motion with out the loop de loops. I love doing the binding. The picture shows how scratched the sofa was.I gave it a cleaning today.Will do the 2nd coat tomorrow.Looks loads better.


I really enjoy making hexies. I finished a doll quilt last week.

 Our Ziva went to a new groomers .Donna's Grooming and Boarding.She has a face book page go visit. Very nice place.
She does a really great job and Ziva had no stress.A very good thing.She does NOT like her picture taken.Like our oldest daughter Ziva hides. Takes 2 of us to get her picture. Donna was surprised at the amount of hair she got off this 26 # pup.She looks so pretty with her new summer hair cut. Hope you have a great week. j

June 10, 2014

Decorating porch/Back garden

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These are a few of the plants I saved from last year.

Good to have a small greenhouse.I did a bit of decorating on the front porch.

 The peonies are beautiful this year. I will be moving all the plants into one area of the north garden after they are done blooming.

I like the wild look in my gardens. Not manicured or matchy matchy. The back garden/pond area is a favorite. I planted my grandma Morton's roses back here 43 years ago.The blooms are short lived but I love them. The spider wort is beautiful this year. Ziva loves to sit on the footstool, under the window,and look out.
Grandma's roses

spider wort

hypertufa ball in the pond.

view out the east window


The wild columbine is about done blooming.

May 31, 2014

Spring flowers 3 fountains.

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This year the flowers are later than usual. They are beautiful.The spirea bush is the prettiest it has been for several years. The wild columbian has spread from one plant to several back by the pond. The maple is beautiful this year.The last 2 years frost did damage to it.The area under the little leaf linden  does not do well.The tree kills the grass out to the  edge of leaves.We put in the planter a few years ago hoping to get hosta to grow but they struggled.


II dug them out and we put down landscape cloth and white rock. The potted plants and rocks look much better.We tilled around the planter AGAIN and planted shade grass seed AGAIN in hopes of getting the grass to grow. I think we did not water enough and the tree just takes ever bit of rain water. We are going to continue to water into the summer to see if that helps.The old fashioned iris smell wonderful. The garlic is up under the flowering almond bush.

 We have 3 fountains set up.One in front of the porch to the right of the spirea bush (West).
One in the south patio and one in the east patio. I love the sound of the water.We also have the spill way in the pond(north).The bamboo fountain in the copper boiler is outside the door(east) and it is so nice to hear when I am sitting in my chair stitching hexes.I will be adding plants to the copper bowler soon.

Last but not least.I planted my Christmas poinsettias in a pot with  ageratum. They were to pretty to throw away. It is a busy time here Time for my tomatoes and pepper plants to go into the garden.The corn ,green beans and potatoes are up and looking good. We have dug hosta and will be building a planter in their place for cucumbers to grow. We took out an apple tree and lost the shade. We will be replanting the hosta in shady areas. So much to do and of course it went from winter to hot humid weather (which I really do not like) Work needs to be done early in the mornings. That is ok then I have the rest of the day to stitch. Wow this was long Hope you have a great weekend. j