May 24, 2015

More spring flowers.

 I walked around the yard and took a few pictures of the spring flowers. Fern peonie, wild geranium,snowball bush,strawberries in the hosta garden,hosta and clematis.
More of the iris have started to open.I didn't get pictures yet it is raining today.
We worked in the yard and patio yesterday all day and it is looking good.More to do when the rain stops. I'll post more pictures later.

Sydney got her hair cut.SO SO cute. Three of my favorite people. have a good memorial day. Remember it is more than great BBQ.
God Bless our troops.
God bless those we love who have passed away.We miss them all.
Have a good week. j

nice guy

A very nice guy passed away today May 24 2015.
He was my sister's husband. RIP Jerry. You will be missed.

We also lost another good guy. May 8 2015 Cousin Harold passed away. You will also be missed.j

May 4, 2015

Spring 2015

 I love spring.We went camping this past weekend.Probably should have stayed home to do all that needs done in the spring. Yesterday I got some, of the many pots I have, filled. I still have more to fill as you can see.

This bunch are from the green house.They need TLC.

The trees are beautiful this year.

We have a lilac that is original to the house.We have been here 45 years. The blooms are stunning this year.

I redid an old chair and thought I'd share. Not sure if I have shown this before. I will add it to the screen porch. A good place to do hand stitching.
It was one that we have had for years in the shop waiting for new covering. Mr.T. threatened to throw it away. Have a great week.j

April 22, 2015

more dresses

I stopped at the local fabric store and found some cute Halloween fabric. Casper the friendly ghost.I needed something stretchy to make leggings so I stopped at the goodwill store.Found a ladies top that was brand new. Got leggings and a pair of pants. There was a very ugly dress that I thought would make a great doll skirt. I'll let you know how it turns out.

I made one dress and have another cut out. It is a bit chilly to work outside today so I will sew.j

April 10, 2015

Garden gals Snow again beginning of growing season, tomato plants

 This saying fits me so very well.

I am linking to a great site. Lots to see there.

It will soon be time to set out the garden gals.

 Thursday April 9th 2015. Looked out at around 9:30 p.m. and it was snowing. Those big beautiful flakes that you like to see on Christmas eve NOT in April. It is gone this morning and the sun is shining.
My Lilly this year came from Mernards, around  $4.50. It is really one of the best lillys I have had. The fragrance is really filling the house . The other 2 buds should be open today and tomorrow..

We have over 100 tomato plants in the cups. I looked to buy 4 inch plastic pots but could not find any so cups had to work. So far so good. I have lots of pepper plats to transplant today.
I original tomato plat seed I bought last year is in the laundry room.They will have to go into bigger pots too.

ornamental pepper plants and more seed geranium plants

Peppers from saved seed.

seed geraniums with buds.

tomato plants from purchased 2014 seed.I love the start of the growing season. Have a great weekend. j

April 5, 2015

Praise the Lord.
Happy Easter everyone. Have a beautiful day. j

March 29, 2015

Doll dresses and hexes.

This past week,the weather, has been so very nice. Cold some days but with sunshine it is ok. I did some sewing and we transplanted the tomatoes.100 tomato plants.
We will be able to furnish several people with tomato plants.I cut forsythia branches and they are blooming.
 The 2 dresses I sewed this past week are so cute. The patterned fabric is vintage hahaha I've had it since I started sewing crafts back in the 80's. It is just right for spring dresses. The tatting is a perfect trim. Now that I think of it,I think I might have made Hallie a jumper from one of these fabrics.

 the ecru cotton lace was just right for this vest.
 I found a bag of fabric pieces from my mother in law. It looks like she started a small hexie quilt. The pins had rusted into some of the fabric I will not be able to use some of the fabric but the rest is cut and the paper pieces are pinned. Ready to take along when we travel. I did a few last night. Love the blue and white fabrics.

 The last pictures are of some of the hexies i have done. Ready to make into blocks. Hand work is so relaxing.
Hope you all have a great week.j

March 16, 2015

Inspiration loved the fabric but didn't have it so I went looking in my stash and found a good substitute.
I made up my own pattern and this is what I came up with.
 Fun to do. I especially like the button loops.I'll be using this type of button closer again. Have a good week. j