March 29, 2015

Doll dresses and hexes.

This past week,the weather, has been so very nice. Cold some days but with sunshine it is ok. I did some sewing and we transplanted the tomatoes.100 tomato plants.
We will be able to furnish several people with tomato plants.I cut forsythia branches and they are blooming.
 The 2 dresses I sewed this past week are so cute. The patterned fabric is vintage hahaha I've had it since I started sewing crafts back in the 80's. It is just right for spring dresses. The tatting is a perfect trim. Now that I think of it,I think I might have made Hallie a jumper from one of these fabrics.

 the ecru cotton lace was just right for this vest.
 I found a bag of fabric pieces from my mother in law. It looks like she started a small hexie quilt. The pins had rusted into some of the fabric I will not be able to use some of the fabric but the rest is cut and the paper pieces are pinned. Ready to take along when we travel. I did a few last night. Love the blue and white fabrics.

 The last pictures are of some of the hexies i have done. Ready to make into blocks. Hand work is so relaxing.
Hope you all have a great week.j

March 16, 2015

Inspiration loved the fabric but didn't have it so I went looking in my stash and found a good substitute.
I made up my own pattern and this is what I came up with.
 Fun to do. I especially like the button loops.I'll be using this type of button closer again. Have a good week. j

February 27, 2015

Sew much to sew. Sew little time.

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It has been cold and snowy here. I have a great sewing room and did a bit of sewing. I can watch the birds and when the sun is shining one can pretend it is spring. I had some children's cloths I picked up at good will. I decided that the skirt would make a good skirt for the American girl doll. I cut the skirt waist band off. Took off 9 inches from the side. folded the top down to make a casing for the elastic. sewed up the side and it was done

. I tried it on Bonnie but it was to long so I cut off the original hem. Serged it the edge then put in a new hem. Good to go.
I had made another skirt, 2 vests ,a shirt and a pair of leggings. I made it all mix and match. The first vest is wool. It needed something to jazz it up so I did a bit with buttons and embroidery. The lace skirt is a bit to fu fu for my taste but the kids will like it. The vest needs something . Maybe some beading. I will be using the other parts of the skirt for another shirt and maybe a head band.

Sew much to sew.-----Sew little time. Have a good weekend. j

February 23, 2015

Waiting for spring

I have been doing some sewing. Just waiting for spring. Doll dresses, baby quilt, and hand work.The American girl doll dresses were fun to make. I needed to tweek the pattern to make it easy for Justine to sew.

 This doll has been waiting for a dress for over a year.
 The baby quilt is made of flannel.It did not machine quilt well but after it is washed it will be better.
 I found this vintage bonnet in my stash. The edges were frayed. I had some vintage trim that matched in color really well so I hand stitched it on the edge. Perfect.

Making more hexes. Hoping to do at least one a night. Ziva keeps me company while I sew.

 She is ever vigilant at the window or door watching for those pesky squirrels. Hope everyone has a good week. j

February 9, 2015

A bit of spring.

Just some pictures of my flowers years past to bring a touch of spring on a cloudy day.Have a good week. j

January 27, 2015

Found picture

Linking to

Looking on line I found this picture. It is so sweet. I hope to get back to making dolls and maybe use this for an inspiration.

I love old pictures with dolls in them.

Maybe you didn't even know I make and collect dolls. Dolls in the doll room.

Did you ever have a doll purse?I did. Not this one. Mine is long gone. They zipped open in the back.

 Some of my tiny dolls in the china cupboard. It is true I will never outgrow my love for dolls. Hope your week is going well. j