April 23, 2014

Our visit

We had a great time visiting the kids in southern Ia.
 A birthday, lunch at school and a trip to Bass Pro.
Cam's 12th birthday.Hard to believe he is 12.
They were celebrating earth day at school.they were tie dying Tee shirts,decorating people for the earth and a few other activities.the tie dying was interesting.hahaha.What messy hands.
I had never visited bass pro.The aquarium was great.The whole store was amazing with all the creatures to look at.There is so much for kids to do at the store. Bowling, shopping and a place to eat. A good way to spend a birthday. Have a great day.j

April 20, 2014

happy Easter.

To all my friends and family. I wish you a Joyous and Happy Easter.He is risen. God blessed us all.Have a great week. j

March 29, 2014

Quilt block

I was shopping at the quilting connection in Ames and bought 2- 2 1/4 inch charm packs. I have had so much fun playing with them the last week. I got 3 little quilts out of 4 paks. Cost $16 plus the sashings and bindings fabric that I already had.
I saw a tutorial on Missouri Quilt company and of course I can't find it now. Jenny was so excited that a lady had come into the shop and shared how to make a block the easy way. She used 2 charm pack 5 inch blocks. One was laid on top of the other stitched around the edge 1/4 inch seam.Then ONLY the top piece of fabric was cut corner to corner both ways,after the side seams were sewn..

This is how it came out.This is 6- 4 p blocks I had left over from one of the other little quilts.That one still needs the binding.
.In the tutorial Jenny said the points would be lost.That was ok with me for this little doll quilt but I thought about how to do it so not to loose the points.
I am probably reinventing the wheel and ever quilter out there knows to cut one of the fabrics bigger.
I did not know it but after thinking about it while trying to go to sleep it occurred to me to try it. I cut the border piece of fabric 1/2 inch bigger then cut it corner to corner. Sewed it to the sides of my blocks and like magic there were the corners.I made these 2 blocks.One from pieces I had cut off other blocks the other strips from my scraps I hate to throw them away.They are kind of wonky but I plan to make a couple of throw pillows so it really doesn't matter.

Little scrappy quilts are my favorite to do. No pattern just sew.Have a great weekend. Next week sounds like we will get warmer but have rain. Ok by me rainy days are sewing days.
link http://sewmanyways.blogspot.com/2014/04/sew-darn-crafty-linky-party.html http://www.733blog.com/2014/04/inspire-me-wednesday-14.html

March 18, 2014

Tea party

Two weeks ago Justine made a pin cushion and a
pillow case. We worked on a jacket for her American girl doll.We finished it today.

 Lovin on Ziva

 I have so enjoyed having Justine visit on Tuesdays. She is learning more about sewing.
Today Justine made a pair of tights and a purse to match a dress I made. The tights are made from a pair of size small ladies tights. It is such a fun and fairly easy thing, for a beginner, to make . Last week I made a dress,hat and tights.I needed to refresh my mind on how I used to make the tights.

Her Kit doll looks so dressed up we decided to have a high tea for lunch. Even Mr.T attended.(only because he was hungry and we had sandwiches)

We talk about a lot of things. She loves animals and Ziva loves Justine visits. We found that both our birthdays are in May. She has new chicks,and 2 new puppies on her farm.Today I told her I was the oldest child also. I understand the need for ones own space.
Next week we will finish the sweater we started today. It is made from a sock like the one the other doll(in the picture) is wearing.
The centerpiece was a pot of daffodils from Justine. The bunny I found in Hobby Lobby. Just couldn't pass it up. at 40% off. Hope you all are good.j

March 3, 2014

Winter birds and quilts.

This past week was brutality cold. 20-30 below. I am thankful to have a warm home. I did a lot of bird watching and quilting. Well actually piecing . I found some partially made pin wheel blocks. I decided to sew them together. I am pleased with the way they went together. I have improved with getting straight lines but as you can see I did not do so well separating the same color blocks. I laid it out and pinned together the rows but some how the reds got side by side. Oh well it is not perfect but as I have said before none of my quilts will ever be perfect.The birds are very busy at the feeders. We have about 6 sparrows in this flock that have a lot of white feathers as you can see in the bottom pictures. I have never seen this before this year. Besides several varieties of sparrows we have a pair of downy woodpeckers,2 pair of cardinals,a pair of doves, finches and 5 (dam)squirrels.That come to the feeders. They are all camera shy. Spring will come. Just a few more weeks and we will be able to work outside. I planted my geranium seeds. Stay warm. have a great week.j

February 28, 2014

The wedding

I posted a while back about our grand daughters wedding.I thought I'd share a few pictures. It was a beautiful day.

 Flowers hand made. Key on the grooms bout. and lock on the brides.It was a great day. Love looking back at the pictures.



It is still really cold here. Looks like another week of bitter cold then maybe a warm up. I never complain about the cold because I really do not like the heat and humidity.
I planted geranium seeds today. Mr.T has gone to his manure class. Leave it to the government to try to teach an old farmer how to apply manure. Bet the suit that came up with that idea never smelled the stink of it.
That means spring will come. Stay warm j

February 17, 2014


It is another snowy day.To bring a bit of spring inside I spent $2 on a couple of carnations last week.They have held up well but the other flowers were done for. I clipped the ends and added a bit of ivy and spring rey(from my greenhouse) to the smaller vase. Makes me smile.

 I have been working on a quilt top. It has been a challenge. Had it sewn together but had a couple of wrinkles.Ended up taking it all apart and re sewing. I'm more satisfied now. It is still not perfect but none of my quilts ever are. Now for the borders.

 Our beautiful Zeva will be a year old on Feb.20th. I am so thankful for her. She brings us joy everyday. Have a great week. j


February 13, 2014

In the greenhouse.

My little greenhouse brings me such joy in the winter. The fish and flowers let me have a bit of spring when there is snow and cols outside. I thought I would share a few pictures I took today.The thanks giving cactus is blooming again.It is a piece I transplanted. The big cactus is a Christmas cactus. It is in the house. I put it outside each spring.

 The begonias and impatience,I held over again.

This is the bloom on a seed geranium I planted last spring.

 Besides my plants the pond gold and koi fish live in the greenhouse in the winter. The Koi are a few years old.They are getting big. Some of the gold fish are 15-16 years old. So much for warmer weather.The wind is really picking up.
I made Mongolian beef with rice for lunch.A recipe I got off the internet.I thought it was very good.Mr.T. did not like it. He is a meat and potato kind of guy. Has his mind made up NOT to like . I need to remind him we are lucky to have any kind of food when there are starving people. We are blessed in so many ways.
 So it goes at our house.Have a good rest of the week and weekend. Stay warm.j
I am linking to  http://www.tootsietime.com/

February 9, 2014

I love fabric scraps

Yesterday it was time to clean up after projects. There were a lot of scraps. 1 1/2 inches wide with 3 to 5 sewn together.They were the trims off the 300 4 1/2 inch sqs I made. As you can see they were odd pieces but went together well.
 I sat down and started stitching them together. I ended up with this cute scrappy quilt. It still needs finished. That will happen this week some time.

 There is still a small pile of scraps.

I had seen this pot holder on pinterest.I wanted to do a block like it but had no idea how to get a triangle with the pieces running the right way. Good old google.Tells you how to do just about anything. I found out there are 2 45 degree angles and a 90 degree angle. I did not have that kind of ruler, so I called on Mr T. he looked at my rulers then at my cutting mat and said well there it is right there.Thanks Mr.T. I had 1 1/2 inch strips left over from the project. I sewed them together and made a 4 inch block thinking it would be wide enough to make the potholder block.Nope

 I found out that the fabric has to be twice as wide as it is tall.(tall being the point)
Math was never something I understood.General math ok but algebra and geometry nope.Here is the triangle on the cutting mat that worked out perfect.

 Of course there were 4 more triangle scrapes.What is a girl to do but make another block! It will make a cute mug rug. I really love messing with scraps. Mr.T. thinks I should stop messing with scraps and use BIG blocks so I get my stash used up. He tells me to throw away the scraps.Silly him!
I am looking forward to Tuesday.An 11 year old girls wants to learn to make a doll.FUN FUN FUN. Stay warm.Have a great week.j