June 23, 2016

4h project and lap quilts

It is getting close to county fair time again. Justine is busy making a topsy turvy doll. Not an easy project. I made one so I could teach her. 20 hours at least to finish it. Doll is done and gessoed. next step dresses, bonnets and putting on the faces. Doing the hand stitching is NOT a favorite of Justine's. She had to take out several mistakes and do overs are not fun. She is wanting to do the face painting but lots more has to be done before we get to that step.

  I bought a charm pack and did the one in the bottom pictures I went back to the fabric shop and bought 1/2 yard of 2 coordinating fabrics for the inside borders,and used the star fabric I already had.       then had the left overs so I did the ones in the top 2 pictures.Those are just the inner blocks the reds and green and flowered fabric I already had.I have 18 pinwheel blocks done out of the 3rd charm pack I bought. Same as the 1st 2,I'll share when I get done.

 Good to be busy. Mr.T. is doing well. God is good.j

May 25, 2016

Christmas tree

Remember the fresh tree I bought in November? Well if not here is a picture to remind you.This tree has been in a bucket of water since we got it. It is amazing that the tree has lasted so long.The needles are still soft and not dry at all. It was time to take it down.Time to put something new in its place.
I have been sorting,pressing and refolding all the fabric on the shelves in the sewing room. It has been a long process. Shopping in my house is fun.I found fabrics I forgot I had.

I added a few of my collected sewing things and the AG dolls.  

The orioles are back. I had not seen a female oriole until yesterday. The male has been here often.

We have had kids and grand kids and great grand daughter for a visit. What a sweet baby Alice is. Always happy. 
Hope you all have a great memorial day weekend. Remember those that have given all for our freedoms.j

May 15, 2016


The Japanese maple is beautiful this year.

Japanese Maple

 flowers are blooming all around the yard.
Snowball bush

The columbine self seeded and is beautiful

 I love the front fountain. So soothing when sitting on the porch.

wild columbine in back garden

First year for the fern peonies blooming 

I love having cut flowers in the house.New cup from the Kuiper family for Mothers day.

It was a really good birthday. Cake,flowers and take out Chinese from Chung Garden.(no cooking)
Call from Josh.
Becky,Cam and Matt--- thanks for moving the block.Saved my back.
Dan--- thanks for the new Ipad. It has taken me 15 years to figure out the pc. Hope I can figure out the Ipad in a few weeks.
I am blessed.

Oh my----- Cam is taller than I am. And he has his driving permit.
Getting Mr.T. to take a picture was so funny. Have a great week.j

April 30, 2016

April 30th

Well again the year is flying by. Mr.T had his 3rd chemo and is doing well. April showers has brought flowers. Iris,tulips,phlox,lilacs,bluebells and apple blossoms.My tomatoes are sprouted. This week I will transplant them into bigger pots.

I have a couple of ideas for the pond area. Mr T. started taking it apart last fall when he got so sick.I saw this picture on pinterest and want to do something like this in the pond area. There will be water but no pond. After t
he 3 boys vandalized the pond we decided it was better to remove the pond. That area is in the hosta garden . We did enjoy the water sound and want that again. I talked to my nephew Jake and he has agreed to help move things I can't do any more. There is much yard work to do. This week has been a rainy week so not much done outside. The front water feature is cleaned and running. We have been doing some spring cleaning inside.
I really need to stay off pinterest. There are way to many ideas.I love this fence. I'm not sure if I am brave enough to try this.
I have the ironing board to make this.We also have the posts to make the lights. Much to do. have a great weekend.j