July 24, 2015

Past due post, Bears, sewing room, flowers

Wow it has been a while since I posted anything. It is a busy summer.
The bears won blue and purple ribbons.

We have been working on a new cutting table in the sewing room.
 Using 2 sets of shelves on the ends and a 1/2 of a ping pong table I have a bigger better cutting table. Mr. T added height to the bottoms of the shelves to make it a comfortable height.

 On one side he added sliders and put a table in between the shelves to make a place for my sewing machine. Works great.

The one set of shelves were on this wall.It is now a great place to hang the doll models.

 Things keep growing.

 June 16 2015 the beginning

This is today July 24 2015. God blesses us every single day. Have a great weekend. j

July 6, 2015

Bear finished.China doll body

Justine finished up the chenille bear. She added a bow tie and a woo
l vest made from her great grandmas things.
I have had several china dolls in need of bodies. I completed one yesterday. It is hard to guess the size needed.i made up a pattern. It will work but isn't really right.The body is too long and the legs too short but it is what it is.She will look fine when I dress her. For now she is happy sitting with the others waiting for their clothes. Nice rain today. Have a great week. j

June 29, 2015

Bear for fair

Justine finished her 3rd bear.It is ready for the fair.
I found a quilt block on line and tried to duplicate it.

I found I needed to do something called a partial seam to make it come together. Usually I can figure out a block from a picture but this one had me stumped. There was a tutorial that helped a lot. http://www.generations-quilt-patterns.com/bright-hopes-quilt-block.html
So easy when you know the tricks.

Summer is speeding by. The old saying "If you don't get er it done by the 4th of July you ain't gona get it done." is so true. Have a great week

June 19, 2015

bears,doll bed quilt,flag quilt

We have been busy working on a few projects. Justine is working on her memory bears for the fair. The clothes bedspread were her great grandma's. We have put 13 hours in the blue bear. The chenille bedspread bear has had 7 hours so far . Justine learned to do the ladder stitch for closing the bears and is doing a great job. That is not the easiest stitch to do. Eyes,nose and closing  the back of the arms and legs yet to do.

The small doll bed quilts center is made from some flag quilt scraps. The rest was from my 1 1/2 inch strips box. Love making this kind of quilt. Just sit and sew no thinking about matching anything.
I saw a flag block on a blogger site and decided to make it into a small quilt.

Alden Days this weekend. All kids are coming home. Will be a fun time. Have a great Father's day. j

June 18, 2015

Beautiful flowers

I have had some really beautiful flowers to cut this year. The plants I potted are also looking great. My seed geraniums look great in their pots and they are blooming. Enjoy the pictures.

 East patio flowers.
 I know it is late but I planted up the old wheel barrow and the wagon. The poinsettia is sprouting lots of new green leaves.

 The west patio flowers are doing great.

 This coleus is from last year

The scent of this honey suckle is wonderful. Hope you all have a great weekend. Wish those dad's a Happy Fathers day.j

June 11, 2015

Another new bear.

This time I used a cashmere coat for a bear .Wool for the pads and ears. Felt stuffed nose.The pattern is ok but if it is one Justine chooses to make I will change the legs. They are a bit skinny for my liking. Rainy day today. Nice and cool. Gardens needed a good rain. Blessed j