November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving and more

We have been busy. Family has been here for meals and staying over for more celebration with others.
I really over did it with food but we like leftovers and that means I won't have to cook for a while. Best Turkey gravy I ever made. Forgot to take a picture of the desserts.

 We had feathered friends and a rodent that likes to steal the bird food.

I bought some embroidered dish towels at a craft show and made an apron out of one. So cute. 

The last picture is of our fresh tree. I have put a real tree out in the back patio.I love seeing it,it can stay till spring and the birds love it. Of course we had our first snow and it was a very pretty snow.
No wind and really big flakes. Love the pretty snow.I'll do a bit more decorating outside then I'll share. Have a great week. j

November 7, 2015

Beautiful morning moon

This is what greated us on Friday morning. Reminds me of a Christmas card.

November 5, 2015

This week.

 A while back I found a wooden box at goodwill.I took the time to redo it this week.

 I brought in the Swedish Ivy plant.It has bloomed beautifully. Messy but beautiful. I am always amazed by God's beautiful creations.

 The sunrise one morning this week. I started feeding the birds again this week. Look who came to visit. Hope you are all well. j

October 26, 2015

New baby Alice Jean

We got to meet Alice Jean this past weekend. She is beautiful. Love to kiss those chubby cheeks.j

Porch decorations.

I did a bit on the front porch. Shopped in my basement for the things I needed. Only had to buy a roll of burlap and the lights. Have a great week. j.

October 16, 2015

Fall decorations in dining room.

I love decorating in the fall. I have collected several totes. Opening the totes each fall is so fun. This year we have added  new cupboards where the buffet was.  A nice new space to decorate.Yay ME!!

 I will miss this buffet.We have had it for 43 years. It is going to our youngest daughter. I will miss the space for decorating. Displaying some of my Wexford glass
 These are the first hydrangeas from the bush I planted last year.
 Give thanks to the lord for he is good. His love endures forever. One of my favorites.j

Gourd harvest

I am not sure how many will dry or turn to mush but this is our harvest. They are dipper gourds.

Not much going on except cleaning up and putting plants in the greenhouse for the winter. The fish are out of the pond and in the tank in the greenhouse. Because we had 3 boys vandalize the pond, after 20 years, we are filling it in. Many enjoyed it and we had it fenced for safety. The boys came inside the fence and got into the pond. They stole our 7 year old white Koi. We have heard they put it in the river which is a serious offense. Because they could have gotten hurt we made the decision to do away with the pond. We will miss it.Hope everyone has a great weekend.j