July 27, 2009

catching up

It has been a while and much has been going on.I will try to catch up on the happenings here.
Over the 4th our youngest daughter and family were here. we did not see much of them because of the reunion.Hope to visit them in Mn. soon to do some camping.

The following weekend out oldest daughter and youngest son were here for the weekend.They participated in a race and won 3rd place.Cam was very proud of his medal.I made the choc cake from I think it was Cherry Hill Cottage.Cam loved it.Such an easy recipe.

melt 2 sticks of butter in 9x13 pan in the oven
combine in a bowl
1 1/2 cup sugar
1 1/2 cup self rising flour
1 tsp. vannilla
3/4 cup plus a smidgen
pour over butter; DO NOT MIX just drizzle the above over the butter
in another bowl mix
1 cup sugar
5 tbsp cocoa
sprinkle this over the above mixture AGAIN DO NOT MIX just sprinkle
Now add 2 cups boiling water over top of all DO NOT MIX.
Bake 35- 45 MIN @ 350 Degrees uncovered

Last weekend we moved the BBQ pit once more.DH asked that I had to sign a paper that said it was the last time it would be moved.It is now where I wanted it when we bought it several years ago.We had a cement block wall that DH used as a base for one side of the fire pit.Because it was there and easier than taking it out.Well we should have taken it out then and saved ourselves time and effort.Besides we are several years older and it takes longer to get things done.
We did make progress this weekend taking out 12 x 12 inch pavers and replacing them.Oh my did Mr. make a lot of dust cutting the pavers to fit.

We had hoped to get the same pavers and just add them to the patio.WELL the companies have a habit of discontinuing production and adding new and different so my advise if you THINK you are going to need more just buy when you have the chance.We live in an area that does not have any good suppliers for much of anything.It is an hour drive to get supplies.
We are adding a fireplace and a pizza oven to the end of the patio.We will also put up a privacy fence across the west end.
The trailor is full of new gutter and wood for the porch ceiling.Still so much to do.I am getting to the place in my life where I don't want to do any more projects I just want them done so we can enjoy them.

July 17, 2009

Iowa sunset

We took a short trip to the Franklin Co. fair last night and of course I forgot my camera in the car.There was so much to see for a small fair.Nothing tastes better than a hot dog at a fair unless it is the home made ice cream.As we were on the way home there was a beautiful sunset over our Iowa corn fields.

I have been busy this week doing nothing in particular.I did stop to visit a few friends I had not seen in a while.When on my way I happened to see one of natures mysteries.Why do these grow where they do?The weather is cool and breezy just my kind of weather. Time to get some yard work done .Have a good day j

July 7, 2009

Doll in progress

I am finally working on another doll made from my MJ pattern.She will be an 18 inch doll.
There is a school girl challenge on the vintage cloth doll makers site.
I started this doll before I knew of the challenge.She was cut out and parts sewn. I stuffed her today. She will be just right. The first set of arm/hands I made were to big. This set is just right.She has cute toes.
I love the challenges.It motivates me to get busy.

I'm not sure why I need motivation.I used to love to just make a doll for no reason at all.Life seems to keep me busy with other things.
I need to make the time to do this thing I really love to do.
*Oil paint cloth dolls.*

I love the whole process.From the pattern design, the cutting and sewing and especially the oil painting.
Most people do not understand this folk art. Most think rag doll, and yes she will be a type of rag doll I guess because I used vintage feedsack to make the doll.
I have found people on line that do understand.Thank goodness.

When we were in Florida I shopped at Quilting by the bay.I found a reproduction 1800's fabric I just had to bring home.That is going to be her dress.

I will add pictures so watch for her progress.

July 6, 2009

The American flag long may she wave

I am going to get on my soap box here.I read a lot of blogs everyday. There are several prim blogs I have read that are doing what they call priming up the American flag.I have to speak out about this.I have 2 sons who have served this country in the Air Force and were in harms way. I have friends and family with sons and grand sons still in harms way.
I was a boy scout leader for a lot of years and the treatment of the flag was something we took very seriously.Even to dispose of an old flag takes a ceremony.
The American flag is something we should honor.
Here is a site to research before doing anything to the flag.
I don't want to be stuffy about this, everyone has a right to do as they wish.
That said I needed to say out loud that I find the dying,of our flag, in poor taste to achieve a
*prim look* for home decorating.There are lots of ways to use Americana.I decorate Americana through out our home.I do not disrespect our flag.
Just my opinion.

July 5, 2009

A wonderful 4th of July weekend

My 45th class reunion was this weekend.I have mentioned that before.We had a 2 day event planned.We had a gathering at the local community theater building which once was a church.Very nice place for a reunion.Just the right size meeting room.
See Phyllis at the front of the line! Marliyn G.and David M.close behind.

On the 4th from 11 to 1 we went on the empress river boat.The day was over cast but the boat has an enclosed section and it was very nice.The river is and has always been a main feature of Iowa Falls.The 4th of July celebration is always a big deal here.The river boat trip gives a view of the man made falls in Iowa Falls.Behind you can see the Indian statue.The veterans memorial is also in the park above the falls.We had sandwiches,a frozen fruit cup, a cookie and a drink for lunch.Thanks Tom and Sharon I.

I was in charge of decorations.I've helped with decorations many times in the past.This time it was what ever I wanted to do.Fun!
Black table covers,yellow gold place mats,big black mug with butter scotch candies(to keep with our school colors),balloons tied to the handle,the small American flag to be very patriotic.The committee chairman Tom Ingelbritson is a BBQ master. He and his wife Sharon prepared our meal. It was beyond a doubt the best steak I have ever had.

The memory table was also fun I dug out annals and photos.Bought frames at the local good will to put most of them in.Others brought things to add to the table.Pick up sticks,box game bingo,cootie game,tinker toys and tiddle winks were a few of the things I had saved.Now I know why I saved them--------- just for our 45th reunion.
Duff made a new picture board and it is outstanding.Our senior pictures are posted and the class mates we have lost are on stars.

It is really a unique treasure.
The class is smaller by 13.We were 109 at the commencement. There are class mates that joined the service or married before graduating but they are no less our classmates. It is always such fun and a joy for me to see everyone at each reunion.A lot of the class members lives close and we see each other but on these reunion days the bond is so strong it is a very special time.For those that were not there I hope the pictures are a pleasure for you and we hope *God willing* we will see you in 5 years at the 50th reunion.
I do hope you all had a great 4th.