February 26, 2013


Today we had to go into town. We stopped at the local grocery store to pick up some of their $5.00  fresh flowers. Instead they had such sweet little roses I could not resist. At $3.35 each I got myself 2.
I have purchased these little roses for the last few years.I plant them out in the garden each spring.So far they have come back each year. I will add these two to the rest when it is time. Though you might like to see them.We are blessed with more snow. It is not bitter cold so not bad for Iowa in Feb. Have a great week. j

February 22, 2013

A thread cart

 I can't think of anything else to call it. What a good man I have.Today I suggested that a set of unused shelves would make a good thread holder. I told him what I wanted and he went to the shop and made it work.!!!!What a guy.Thanks Mr. T.   It slides right in beside my sewing table. Tomorrow he is making a new set of shelves for fabric. Wahoo what a lucky gal I am.
Stay warm and have a good weekend.j

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February 21, 2013

A home that fits us.

We have lived in our home 43 years.In that time we have done every remodeling  thing that could be done. The basic house is the same no big room changes. In fact I have always loved the linoleum on the hall floor so it is still there..How many homes do you know that have actual linoleum?
The kitchen was awful when we moved here. We had just finished the kitchen rodo in our first home.I had it a month when Mr. T. saw this big old house for sale. It was love at first site even if there was a lot to do.WE Had NO idea. The job priority to remodel jobs and with 4 kids $ was always an issue.
We built a wrap around deck but eventually made part a screen porch and the rest a covered front porch. The patio south of the house was a major job. I will post more pictures as I find them.All these pictures are of the finished (well it is never finished) projects.

We did what we could when we could.I have waited for a lot of years to finish all the project. We still have a few small things to do but this last project we just finished leaves only one major job.We will gut the 1/2 bath on the main floor and make it a full bath.  I thought I would share a few of the things we have done.I will continue to share as I go through pictures.

Stay warm and safe from the coming storm.j

February 17, 2013

Blooming plants

 I took pictures of some of the plants that are blooming. Spring will be here soon but it is nice to have these plants. The peace lily in the greenhouse has 3 big blooms.I did not know how good they smell,until I opened the door yesterday and breathed in the scent. It must be the enclosed small space because I have had peace lilies before but never knew they smelled so good.This lily is about 8 years old.

 I cut some branches off the white lilac.It is starting to show a little of the white color.

The impatient plant from last summer is still blooming. It will be spring soon. Lots to do inside before working in the gardens will come first.

 This sweet little cyclamen came home with me from the grocery store this week instead of the fresh flowers I usually buy.  Have a great week j
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February 13, 2013

2ndpost/ New laundry room pictures

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You can see the before of this room remake here.

We have the barn door picture from Mr.T's parents. His cousin painted it years ago. It was the barn from the last farm place they lived. That was what decided the decor for the room.
It has hung in the family room for years but now the family room is my sewing room so the painting needed a new space. I is perfect here.

The farm sink is original to this 100 year old house. We had to make a new base because the metal one was too rusty.  The new base was the table from Mr.T.'s childhood.
Cut, sanded, new legs and a new edge piece in front.

The cupboard, above and to the right of the sink, was the one from over the fridge in the kitchen redo. The box above to the left is a peach box made into a small cupboard. So many things I have had no place to display. Picnic baskets,Oshkosh baby overalls, wood drying rack etc. Even storage for rags. Now I have the perfect place for them all.

 The clothes folding table is the top of a wood ironing board I had. It is a perfect fit and works really well.The hanging rack above the washer was a curb side find. Some kind of a metal baby bed rail is my guess. A great place for the chicken on the barn wood nest. Shelf under the picture is barn board. Tractors were Mr.T.'s.
The box under the shelf is a great place for the dryer sheets.

 The shelves behind the washer/dryer,sink and above the doors are just a plus from Mr.T. Thanks honey.I finished this wall hanging.It was started about 15 years ago.Fit perfectly on the south wall by the washer.
I really like this new room.Things I have collected over the years are just right for out there. It is so sunny in the morning even fun to do laundry.j

February 12, 2013

New laundry room

When you own a home there is always something to do. Even just the maintenance takes time. But when you add honey do projects you can keep busy for years. That is the case with our 100 year old home. We have lived here for 43 years. It is a wonderful old house with beautiful woodwork and lots of room. There a a few things they did not consider when they built houses 100 years ago. Closets,bathrooms or laundry areas.Well the kitchen was also very basic. Over the years we have done almost every thing you can do to a house besides build a new one.

A year ago we talked about how to put a shower in the main floor 1/2 bath. Decided to use what was the laundry area and the 1/2 bath to make a larger bathroom and move the washer /dryer to the back porch. Making the bath bigger is next winters project.

 We have been working on this space for a year. There was no hurry and last year the out side siding took priority.

There was a lot to do in this space.Floor repair, new windows,new walls,new wood ceiling, insulation,heat,plumbing. Mr. T is a master of all these things. I am the gopher/painter. This picture is of what we had to start with.As you can see this space was once the outside of the house. All the old siding was removed and walls insulated.

 A new wood ceiling, light and ceiling fan.

The cement was poured and the pad for the washer and dryer made. Mr.T and his helper. Nice job!

Here is a peek of the finished room.I will post more pictures tomorrow. j.link to

February 1, 2013

Dish drying matte/American girl doll pinafore

 The last month has been mild. No snow until this last week. We had much needed rain.Not a lot but we will take all we can get. There were 2 days of ice,then the snow.
 Ice on the screen.Mother nature is beautiful and dangerous.
 This week I was going through fabric scraps and sewn pieces that were never finished.The one with the hearts was a piece I sewed together before I knew how to sew.Well----- I knew how to sew just not quilts. The piece was really wonky as you can see. It was straight pieces(like the 2nd matt) I cut into  2 inches strips and put them together as you see them now. Squares do not match but it works for me. It is a dish drying matt. Something pretty to lay on the counter when dishes come out of the dish washer not quite dry. Both have a piece of towel sewn to the back. One for the kitchen and one for the camper.

I also made a pinafore for an American girl doll. It was a challenge on one of the yahoo doll groups.Weather man says warmer temps start tomorrow. Good thing cause Super bowl Sunday sale at the local fabric store !!!Hope you all have a great weekend.j
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