December 31, 2015


From our house to yours.Happy new year. Wishing you all Health and Happiness. j and Mr. T.

December 28, 2015

Winter birds.

 I love to watch the birds and we have had many. I thought I'd share some of the pictures I have taken.The colors on the female cardinal are beautiful.
blue jay

downy woodpecker

Canada geese

female cardinal


male cardinal

gold finches
nut hatch

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of course the thief.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Well I missed telling everyone Merry Christmas.So I will do it today and wish you all a Happy New Year. It has been busy here since Thanksgiving. Don't ask me why we were busy or what we did but The time just seemed to fly by.
 The snow, Christmas day, was beautiful. Ziva was on the porch looking at me taking pictures. She had the "you are really nuts to be out there in your pajamas look" taking pictures.It was so quiet and still no wind and no noise. Not many morning like that in town.

Christmas for the family was supposed to be on Sat. I got ahead of myself and cooked the turkey on Friday.Part of the family came on Friday.So we ate then and again on Sat. and again on Sunday morning before they went home.
The Mn. family did not make it because of the weather.
 Here the group are grazing. Some in the dining room

 others in the living room playing with toys and video games .

Cam has a new amp. and played for us. Love it!!There was one one asleep on the couch but he asked I not post that picture. LOL.
 Thank goodness everyone got here and home before the new storm. I have heard from all and they are at work. Hoping all get home tonight safe and sound.Happy New Year to you all.j

December 13, 2015



Well it has been a while since I posted. Sorry. I'll play catch up so this will be a bit long. Decorating is on going and will not end until after Christmas when I put away Santas and bring out snow men,All classic Christmas red and green.
Things are a bit different.We sent the buffet to Mn. and that was where I displayed some Christmas. This year there is a new built in unit.You can see it behind the table.I am working on the table settings. Works in progress.I have not displayed my green pottery for a few years.

The silly plastic piece on the cupboard is the first Christmas decoration I bought 51 years ago.It is supposed to hold 3 candles but is tipsy so I just leave it as is. Brings back good memories.  I added new pieces yesterday after a trip to the Story City antique mall.The sleigh and the leaf salt and pepper.

I love my kissing Mr. and Mrs.Santa.
This is a small table in front of the west windows.
Mini cyclamen are so cute and last for a really long time.
 The trees are the same.This is the dining room tree.Natural ornaments I made years ago.Hand dipped candles,nuts,painted pine cones. Cinnamon ornaments.Corn husk angel.More trees in other rooms.

I have 2 sets of Christmas dishes the ones on the table and the ones displayed on the hutch shelves.I added a new large tray to the sets. It goes with both sets of dishes.I love dishes ------Well lets face it I love lots of things.I'll share pictures after the table is all done. For now it is ok as is.

 This small chest has some of my Wexford glass displayed.After Christmas I will display more on the side board cupboard.

 Finally I have my Santa mugs and Tiny trees on display above the breakfast bar.

The baking has started and this morning early I made snack mixes and peanut clusters.Yummy.They are ready for bagging and eating. Hope you all have a good week. Stop by for a cup of tea and some goodies. see ya soon j.


November 30, 2015

Starting to decorate.

The kids are all gone home.Taking a load of stuff.Sure am glad they have a truck.

We had ice last night.The wahoo bushes berries are covered.

The decorations I did for fall got a bit of a change.

The frogs I use by the pond in the summer found a home among the pine cones for winter.When it warms up a bit I will add some color to the boxes and baskets of pine cones.Have a great week.j