April 30, 2016

April 30th

Well again the year is flying by. Mr.T had his 3rd chemo and is doing well. April showers has brought flowers. Iris,tulips,phlox,lilacs,bluebells and apple blossoms.My tomatoes are sprouted. This week I will transplant them into bigger pots.

I have a couple of ideas for the pond area. Mr T. started taking it apart last fall when he got so sick.I saw this picture on pinterest and want to do something like this in the pond area. There will be water but no pond. After t
he 3 boys vandalized the pond we decided it was better to remove the pond. That area is in the hosta garden . We did enjoy the water sound and want that again. I talked to my nephew Jake and he has agreed to help move things I can't do any more. There is much yard work to do. This week has been a rainy week so not much done outside. The front water feature is cleaned and running. We have been doing some spring cleaning inside.
I really need to stay off pinterest. There are way to many ideas.I love this fence. I'm not sure if I am brave enough to try this.
I have the ironing board to make this.We also have the posts to make the lights. Much to do. have a great weekend.j

April 17, 2016

Our week

We celebrated another birthday this week end.  Our youngest grand son Cameron, ,turned 14 today.(17th)  It does not seem possible he will have his driving permit next weekend.
He told me I could not post pictures on Face Book but he said nothing about my blog. VBG.
 Love this picture of him and Sadie.

Tomato seeds are planted. Peas are planted. We are behind on our seed planting.

It was great to have help moving things around. Shelves,beds,wicker furniture and,table,Thanks Matt,Cam,Becky and Mr.T

We have had another busy week. Cleaning the garage. Cleaning and rearranging the sewing room. The garage is just off the sewing room. I decided to utilize the wall space on my side of this garage. My PT cruiser still has her place but I now have much needed storage space.
The basement steps are beginning to bother my knees so having the fabric totes all on this level is great.
I found a really perfect sewing table at the local 2nd hand shop. Carol Ann's always has things I NEED. I will share pictures in the next post things are still piled from the rearranging.
We celebrated another birthday this weekend.

We also got the back patio cleaned off. The Christmas tree I put there is still green and soft. We decided to leave it in the bucket of water to see how long it will last.  I enjoy looking at it and the birds like it as well. I have added the little red metal table and chairs. It will be a nice place for breakfast.

I did away with the large 1/2 ping pong table that was my cutting table. I should have taken a picture before we moved it but didn't this is the best I could do. It was a very large cutting table and was nice to lay out a quilt but it was also really handy to pile things on as you can see. (wink)
I had a table of sorts in the basement (brought it up today) that will work out well. It is smaller. It was a display table in a clothing store. Mike's For Men was the name of the store and he used to display the dress shirts on this table. I remember looking and buying shirts off the table for Mr. T. When the store closed I bought 2 of the tables. The other is on the west patio with a large piece of slate on the top. Great for setting BBQ utensils

Do you ever have projects that get ALMOST done? I have a few. One is where the sliding doors were added in place of the windows in the sewing room. Well sheet rock was added to the side of one and has never been finished. I decided to do at least mud the seams and screw heads. Got it done and will texture and paint this week. Good to have it started. All this time I have had it covered with a little quilt. When I get finished Mr. T can put up the wood door trim. That will cover the remaining screw heads. There is also a spot on the ceiling where we took out a wood stove pipe.

Up date on Mr. T. He will have his 3rd chemo on the 19th. We have aired out the camper and will add a few things tomorrow. Depending on the weather and how he feels we are planing on going to Beads lake soon.Hope you all have a great week. Spring is here and I love it.j