May 24, 2015

More spring flowers.

 I walked around the yard and took a few pictures of the spring flowers. Fern peonie, wild geranium,snowball bush,strawberries in the hosta garden,hosta and clematis.
More of the iris have started to open.I didn't get pictures yet it is raining today.
We worked in the yard and patio yesterday all day and it is looking good.More to do when the rain stops. I'll post more pictures later.

Sydney got her hair cut.SO SO cute. Three of my favorite people. have a good memorial day. Remember it is more than great BBQ.
God Bless our troops.
God bless those we love who have passed away.We miss them all.
Have a good week. j

nice guy

A very nice guy passed away today May 24 2015.
He was my sister's husband. RIP Jerry. You will be missed.

We also lost another good guy. May 8 2015 Cousin Harold passed away. You will also be missed.j

May 4, 2015

Spring 2015

 I love spring.We went camping this past weekend.Probably should have stayed home to do all that needs done in the spring. Yesterday I got some, of the many pots I have, filled. I still have more to fill as you can see.

This bunch are from the green house.They need TLC.

The trees are beautiful this year.

We have a lilac that is original to the house.We have been here 45 years. The blooms are stunning this year.

I redid an old chair and thought I'd share. Not sure if I have shown this before. I will add it to the screen porch. A good place to do hand stitching.
It was one that we have had for years in the shop waiting for new covering. Mr.T. threatened to throw it away. Have a great week.j