September 26, 2017

Life's busy.
After Tom's death I did not do much. We reached the one year September 6th 2017. Since then things have been moving along.Trying to get through all the stuff collected over 50 years. The kids came and moved some big pieces of furniture from one room to another. I am working on deep cleaning all. It is going to take a lot longer than it used to.
My sister Belinda and I facetime most days. She in her sewing room me in mine. We have made many small quilts and table runners/toppers.
One problem with that is not getting anything else done.
This is in the new to me tv room. Was the computer room.

 Working on taking all the stuff off the cupboards washing and deciding what to keep and what needs to go away. Lots of work. Climbing a ladder is not as easy as it once was. It does feel good when one room gets all done.  Take care j

June 10, 2017

scrappy quilts

Hi everyone. hope there are some still checking in. I am working in the yard/gardens each morning to try to get ahead of the weeds. it is not an easy task.
Still making little quilts and making hexies.
First picture is of an online mystery quilt.there will be more to it as soon as the next steps are posted.The next pictures are of scrappy table toppers, I did several for the bathroom.All out of my scraps.
The last is the hexie flag I finished. The back is finally done.

May 4, 2017

Addicted to fabric scraps

I am still working with my fabric scraps. Pinterest has so many different blocks I want to try. I have made more little quilts,mug rugs and table toppers/runners. Fun to do

April 14, 2017

More fun with scraps

 Some of these went home with family. All from left overs and scraps.

Fun with scraps

Dedicated to Vicki.

Since Feb. my sister and I have been involved in an online mystery challenge. We receive a new  part of the block tomorrow. During the times we do not have something to do with the challenge I have been going through my scrap containers. I have soooooooo many scraps. It is fun to put them together and come up with a surprise. I don't have patterns just sit down at the machine and start sewing. I have stacks of already sewn half square triangles. Lots of 1 1/2 inch strips and squares. I have 3 or 4 more needing finished.