December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas with our youngest daughter and her family.

Presents!!!Sydney is ready to tear open the packages. They opened them right away the morning after they got here.The days are so confused I'm not sure when we did what.The blankets, I made, were a hit.They were happy with each of the things they got.

Our gift from them is a set of these chairs Chad made.Fits Mr. T just right and they fold up for storage.

The table was set.The meal was home made chicken and noodles.Mashed potatoes of course,relishes,french bread,corn and salads.Hallie picked the snowman dishes for our meal.

Our Oldest daughter and her boys will be here tomorrow.
Pumpkin bread has been put on the please will you make this list.Stay tuned our Christmas is not over just yet.

December 27, 2009

Snowman jar toppers/A very good thing

We are still celebrating Christmas this week with our girls and their families.I thought of a last min. craft to do so simple and can be out till the snow melts.
I found a snowman ornament at the 2nd hand store.I first glued the ring to the flat for a mason jar. Then I glued the ornament to the flat.I used E6000 glue.It takes a while for it to dry but when it is it is stuck for good.The smaller jars are for the girls.On those are snowman pins I bought at Theisens 1/2 price.
These will be good for cotton balls,Q tips,anything on the bathroom shelf that will fit.Things on the dresser in their rooms.I'm sure they will come up with something to put in it.
I had planned on a candy jar but DD has a fit about sugar.
As Martha would say" A very good thing."
Happy New Year everyone.

December 24, 2009

Santa came

And he left JUST what I wanted.With the storm heading our way this is a perfect time to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and browse each book. Picking out the challenge quilt will take time.

Keep safe and warm on this special night we have set aside to remember our savior's birth.Merry Christmas. j

Merry Christmas

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

Copy and paste and enjoy a beautiful song by Susan Boyle.

December 21, 2009

Vintage Christmas No. 5

This is the last Monday for the VC.Thanks again Joan.Go on over and look at the list.Get yourself a cup of tea/coffee cause it take awhile to look at all the wonderful things.What a treat.When I have so much to do I am looking at all the wonderful treasures everyone has to share.

The sled was Mr. T's as a child.I painted it last winter.Mr.T made my shelf from old barn boards.It is by the front door.I moved the coffee pot/real tree outside so it would last longer.

I found these 2 angels last week at the local 2nd hand store.They are so sweet and are keeping me company,on a shelf, in the computer cupboard.
They are marked hand painted japan.

These 2 nativities are really ornaments.The one is sitting on a vintage hankie.

The large jar has more of the ornaments sent to me by my Aunt.The beautiful card was found at the 2nd hand store.

This is the collection of trees and bears on the stair landing.Not old but fun.

This bedroom has a shelf with Christmas year round.The music box tree and wreath are 2 of my favorite things.This has been a lot of fun thanks again Joan and all who shared.

There are busy days ahead.
My wish for you all is a very Happy and safe
Merry Christmas and a prosperous New year.j

December 20, 2009

Spritz cookies

There are no better cookies that say Christmas than the spritz cookies.Mr. T helped make the cookies.He said if he had an electric cookie maker he would make hundreds of cookies.Between you and me I think the 1950's cookie maker works just fine.One more thing marked off my list of things to do.

Say thanks

Martha over at
had a site address to thank the troops.It just takes a min. to send a message to

Thanks Martha for the site.
Merry Christmas

Trees and Angels

The small tree is new this year.I love the red bird ornament.Another of the ornaments from my aunt.

The pink tree in the doll room is there year round.The little porcelain angels are not old.I collected them a few years ago from dollar general.I then added small dolls to the tree.

December 19, 2009

Christmas decorating pictures

As you come in our front door you will see Santa with Thursdays child sitting on his lap.She and the snowman rug came from the local 2nd hand store.There I have a few of the vintage toys on display.Marble games,Chalk boards,a feather wanna be tree and a glove angel.

The hanging Santa I also made from a glove.

I have my small nativities on display all year round..

The fresh tree is a fraser fir. I wanted a smaller tree this year so I would not have to move furniture, it smells wonderful.The ornaments for this tree are the same each year,Our oldest daughter made the fabric and paper chains when she was in grade school.I bought crocheted and knitted ornaments over the years.
A lot were made by the nuns at Mercy hospital in Des Moines.
Bubble lights have been on our tree for all,but the 1st year,of the 45 years we have celebrated.There is a story behind the tiny blue pine cone ornament.When my mom asked which of our child hood ornaments I wanted, I chose this one because of the way it's hanger is put together. It is a bobby pin taped with masking tape to a piece of old christmas ribbon.I remember when we ran out of the wires we used what ever worked.

My Aunt Marian gave me a box of vintage ornaments and what treasures they are, the ornament in the shape of a tea pot is so special.I have never seen another like it.
Merry Christmas to you all.j

December 17, 2009

getting together with old friends

I was invited to a Christmas get together.A group of people I have been friends with for a very long time.Marsha out did herself with the food.The brie was new to me and it was so good.Thanks Marsha.
Two kinds of soup relishes and finger foods.I forgot to take pictures before we started eating.dang!All was beautifully arranged.

Marsha's daughter sent her beautiful cut Amaryllis.
We played 2 rousing games of bunco.
Not sure we followed the directions to the letter but is was sure loud and fun.
It is good to get together with old(in more ways than one) friends.Thanks to Evelyn I am in the the far end.
The time is flying by.The special day will soon be here.
God bless good friends.j

December 14, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday no. 4

It's Vintage Christmas Monday, so don't forget to visit
I have only done 2 weeks of the vintage Monday but what fun to take pictures of treasures I love.My Santa tree.It has old and new ornaments and small Santas.

The real tree in the vintage coffee pot with cookie cutters and red bows sits on the breakfast bar shelf.

The round candle on the table with a vintage santa.The candle was made by my Mom when I was about 9 or 10.I remember she and the neighbor ladies getting together and making the candles.They whipped the wax and frosted and glittered the outside of the candle.

The sweet Christmas girl planter.So many memories.

The Night before Christmas book that has had the fuzzy parts loved
The last pictures are of my all natural tree.Lots of beeswax ornaments,pinecones,etc.

The fresh tree that has yet to be decorated,the coaster I am making as stocking stuffers for friends and one of my favorite Santa pictures made from a Christmas card.There are so many things still to do.I am making a list and checking things off but the list does not seem to get shorter.I will be sorry to see this fun end.thanks joan