August 31, 2011

Refrigerator front

When I took the pictures for the last post I really did not pay attention the the front of the refrigerator,until I looked at the pictures. I don't know about you but,in this house, the fridge front has always been a bulletin board.It was used to hold special school work and schedules kids needed that sort of thing. Now it is just stuff. I looked at all the stuff and took some down but there are things that have been there for years and I think they belong there. One is the pictures of my kids and grand kids. There is a vase that sometimes gets a fresh flower. The phone numbers on magnets that I use often.

There are reminders to myself,little sayings that remind me I am not alone and do need the Lord everyday. What better place to put those reminders.

A special little kitchen witch that was made many years ago by my friend Vicki from a garbanzo bean.The little witch is indeed a lucky witch. See that little magnet with the 1 on it. That came from the milk company. Years ago when milk was delivered to your door they gave us the numbers to put on the side of the milk box by the door to tell the delivery man how many gallons of milk to leave that day. A silly thing to keep but it brings back memories of good times.j

August 30, 2011

New shelves



I have linked to Marty's table top Tuesday.Not really a table but wanted to share.

We have lived in this house for over 40 years. Over the years we have remodeled several times. In 2007 we took out part of the wall between the dining room and kitchen. It was a major redo. You can see the pictures in my web shots pages under kitchen remodel.

We worked on shelves above the refrigerator this past weekend. Mr T. has a reputation to keep---- for NOT completing a remodel. He says he does not want to ruin his record. No worries about that. There are still lots of small things that need finished in this kitchen, but I can live with them until he gets around to it.

As you can see in the first 2 pictures there was no wall by the fridge then there was. The space above the fridge where a small cupboard is usually hung was to big for the small cupboard. So we built shelves.

The shelf boards are reclaimed from our local library remodel. That was many years ago. I can't tell you all the projects we have used that lumber but it is many including the screen porch floor.

I collect Wexford glass and some of the pieces are large such as the punch bowl and serving platters. Over the summer I had added several more pieces of wexford to my already large collection, and had no place to store them.They have been on display on the buffett. I really did not want to put them away but it is time to bring out my fall dishes. I came up with the idea of shelves above the fridge for the wexford. Mr. T just rolled his eyes and went in search of the right boards.
The stack is almost gone of the library boards. When they are gone do I have to stop coming up with these kinds of projects? HAHAHA I don't think so. The space is now just right. I will add more of my pieces I have in the china cupboards but could not wait to share. Here are the project pictures.
Because of the wood ceiling I thought the tongue and groove boards perfect for the shelves. What do you think?
I am happy with the results. I really love my kitchen even after 4 years. It truly is the heart of our home. Have a great week.j

August 27, 2011

Beautiful weather

We had an outstanding day today.Could not have had better weather.
It was a perfect night for a fire in our patio fire place.

Have a great Sunday j

August 22, 2011

Quilts on my mind

Summer is over as I said in my last post.Time to think of things I have not worked on all summer.
I have started several projects.One the raggedy Ann quilt from the Painted Quilt blog site.
I think I was up to block 6.

Before the wedding I did put together a few table runners for the reception tables.

I hope to get back to some little quilts and do some more on the raggedy Ann quilt.
I hope to get to a doll or two.
There is still garden produce to put up.The tomatoes are producing like mad.So much to do I am blessed.
Have a great week j

August 21, 2011

The end of summer

When the kids go back to school it seems the end of summer.I know the calender does not say it ends.Two of the grands stayed last week. We had a great time camping ,fishing,paddle boating and just hanging out.
I love when they visit.The older they get the less they have time to visit.The next time they visit will probably be at Christmas time. Seems a long time away but it will be here before we know it.Have a great week.j

August 11, 2011

The wedding/picture intense

Our friends got married on Aug. 7th 2011.It was a very nice celebration.I have not done a wedding in a long time.It was fun but a lot of work. I had forgotten how much detail there is to doing a wedding.Flowers and the reception take time.Thank goodness Don and Sharon had other friends that helped with the reception set up.We would never have been ready had it not been for them.You know who u r thank u.
Over the last few months I had been e-mailing Sharon with ideas I found on line.
We embellished the ideas to make them special for the couple. Don loves his John Deere tractors and Sharon loves her children, grand children, sewing and quilting.
You will see in the following pictures how we put it all together.

We used burlap over the table cloth, then a little quilt or quilt table runner,then a mirror.On top of the mirror was a doily, a canning jar w/candle,another canning jar with corn and a toy John Deere tractor, a spool of thread and a bud vase with flowers.

The guest book table was made special by the framed invitation from Sharon's granddaughter.The invitation was to a bachelorette party.The little quilt is one Mattea colored and Sharon made into a little quilt.

The guest were asked to sign stripes of muslin.They will be made into a quilt.What a great quilt it will be with wonderful memories.

A special corner in the room was decorated with a couple of old quilts.The couples graduation pictures were on display.

The flowers were garden flowers and a few purchased mums.The hydrangea were beautiful.We used ferns,geraniums , and begonias to decorate in corners.

It was a beautiful day.The weather was perfect and the couple is happy ever after.

August 9, 2011

Roosters and chickens

I am joining Shelia for a party.

I only have one to share but it is a good chicken,---- on a nest. The chicken I made many years ago when I did crafting for a business. The crate Mr. T made from barn boards.It has been tucked away in a closet for a long time.
The party is a good reason to bring it out again. Still looks good after all these years sitting on the porch in front of the barnwood planter.

It has been a very busy past few days.The wedding in Mn. was wonderful and I will post later about that. Yesterday when about 15 miles from home we blew the left front tire on our RV. It was very scary. Mr. T did a great job of keeping the rig on the road. I had read on the RV yahoo lists about folks blowing tires and really having bad wreaks. I am so grateful I was not driving when this happened. All his experience with big farm machinery is what kept us upright I am sure.

We were tired from the trip and the stress of the tire so we went with friends to have a sandwich. I took my small clutch purse in to the restaurant but forgot it when we left,---- it was the topper of a very bad day. It is such a helpless feeling to know I can not replay time to get back that small possession.It is not the clutch but the drivers license and medical cards etc. that have to be replaced.
Over the years I have found peoples purses several times and returned them to very grateful owners.I do wish I had been one of those, but I was not that lucky.

I have come to realize to stress over this will do no good and in a few days it will be just another thing that happened in our busy lives. But it WILL take a few days to get it off my mind. I hope you all have a very good rest of the week. Our weather is cooler today and I am grateful for that too.j

August 3, 2011

summer is flying past.

We have been busy sorry I have not been posting.i will try to catch up with this post. first we camped with friends for about a week.

What a great time but oh my it was hot! Friends came from MN.AZ. and southern Ia.

We have had a local custom of side walk sales before school starts.I remember buying Ben Casey shirts,black gathered skirts and saddle shoes with my friends.We in the 7th grade and were so COOL!What good memories.

Later Buster Brown clothes for our baby son.Oh he was so cute. Small fry(kids clothes) and Dickson's(women's store) Back then the down towns of small town USA were busy and there were many kids,men's and women's stores.Not so any more.Sad.

This year I found fabric, quilt books and a new ruler.I will share more on this in another post.
Today we did corn for the freezer.It is special.We grew our own this year.Will taste good this winter.

I have done several small quilts for Sharon and Don's wedding tables.We will be helping with that this weekend so it is still a busy time.
I will be checking in again soon. Have a great rest of the week the heat has lessened.Thank You Lord.j