October 29, 2010

Pumpkin party link /Repurposed board into New shelf

http://i693.photobucket.com/albums/vv298/theliebertfamily/Picture7-2.pngI decided to link this post to the Pumpkin parade.Go visit there are cool pumpkins there.
My pumpkins are made from gourds, I painted with acrylics.They make me smile.Perfect for the new shelf.

Years ago I found an old wooden box in Gertrude's old falling down garage. This was a lady that lived in Alden in the same place as long as I knew her. I had seen an old wash tub she had sitting by this old building and stopped to see if she would sell me the tub for a planter.I looked inside the garage and saw the box.She told me the box had belonged to someone in her family. The box was more like a trunk.
It was sad that this old box, that had traveled with her ancestors, was left in a place that allowed it to become damaged. There are so many things that are lost because someone, doesn't think the thing has value.
I rescued the carved piece off the box. Of course Mr.T did not see the value in this old board either. I have to say I have MY side of the garage that I keep things , other than my car,in. The board did not take up much space stacked along the wall with other boards I have saved. Through the years when we have been cleaning out Mr.T has asked if I really want to save the old board.
I knew some day I would use the board. I did not know *what* I was going to use it for and on the show about horders they would have said if you have not used it in a year you probably never will.
This past week--- after 15 years--- I used the board.
It is perfect!
I didn't think to take a picture of it before.It was a green color--- very worn. I painted and glazed the old board and 3 new boards. Added metal brackets and hung it in the computer room.

The star is another 2nd hand piece I have had for a while and really didn't know where I wanted it until the rooms recent redo.
The paint on the star was a little darker than the shelf. I dry brushed it with the same color as the shelf added a berry wreath, some bitter sweet from my vines and it is just right.
Stay tuned we have 2 more shelves to build. We have wainscoting boards from an old rectory that will be just right for the next 2 shelves. Why buy new when OLD will do.
Have a great weekend.j

October 22, 2010

New followers/ new doll

Good news, I have 2 new followers. Up to 12. Thanks for joining. j

I am starting a new doll. I have the body sewn, stuffed and the seams covered with paper clay. It is made from an old flour/feed sack. Ink spot on the face will be covered, side view and back. The pattern is my own.
Nice round head with chin. Stuffed very(as in softball hard) firm.

After sewing the arms and legs on another doll I made for Susan Fosnots class I discovered when I enlarged the pattern the arms and legs did not go with the head/body. To small. Took them off made new.

I think with a 2 inch extension on the top of the legs they will work for this doll. The size is better.

I think with a 2 inch extension on the top of the legs they will work for this doll. The size is better.
Next step gesso,and sanding--- several layers.
Have a great weekend. Rain is predicted. Hope so we are dry. j

October 19, 2010


I thought I would share that one shelf is UP!
There are 3 more to go.
Mr T. is done with field work and was home by 5 last night.That has not happened in a while.
Of course I have a honey do list. Hanging shelves is top of the list.

Before I could paint everything came off the walls and all the nail/screw holes were filled.
By the way. Paper clay works really good for that little job. No sanding just a wet finger will make a smooth surface. I could not find the nail filler.

The first shelf is one I bought years ago at a craft fair. It is made from an old door.
I have had it hanging in the living room,--- now it is in the computer room over the corn burning stove. A perfect fit. More rustic/prim than I want in the living room. Pay no attention to the tools.

I really don't have a style. I like to many different things, so a little country, a little primitive and a little cottage.
Lets just call it . Judy's style.

We moved the entertainment center to the north wall and shelves on either side will be perfect. I can display my things without all the nail holes. I am hoping to do seasonal decorations on the new shelves. in the living room. The 3rd shelf is over a buffet in the computer room.

The man I live with is a saint.I am told that often by my friend Marilyn. He lives with me for starters.
He puts up with my ideas. I have said before I get the idea he makes it real.
Poor man,---- the honey do list is so long he will never be done. If you go to my web shots pages you can see projects he has done. http://community.webshots.com/user/nana5111
patio/patio kitchen and the kitchen remodel are just 2.

I need him to router the 3 boards I bought last week.
Then I can paint and glaze them.
I never was good with waiting for something to be done and for many years I would do some things myself. I still do---- but routing a board is not something I ever learned or ever want to learn. So I wait.

I have never been really good at waiting. Living with Mr. T has taught me many things. Patience is one I am still working on.
I have to say his work is always perfect. Thanks Bud.
I sure hope he reads my blog. Stay tuned for the ongoing shelf saga.

October 16, 2010

A quote from Dixie

Dixie Redmond is on my blog list.This morning while reading her blog I found something she wrote fit me too.

A quote from Dixie "I know these studies of Izannah's works will inform my next creative steps. That they are a path through to something that is entirely my own. A kind of training ground. "

I wish I had a way with words that some bloggers have. I do not. I write like I talk.
The lines she wrote would fit me perfectly if it said,
"I know the studies of the Columbian dolls and Helen Pringles works did influence my creative steps. They have been a path through to something that is entirely my own. A kind of training ground."

I would have to say these 2 pictures have been where my inspiration has come from for most of my dolls. The girls in red are Helen Pringles.The single girl with the folded hands is my first MJ(Maggie Joy)

The Columbian in white and my Emma in the hat.

Funny how reading/seeing something makes things clearer.
Thanks Dixie,Helen and Emma Adams.

October 15, 2010

I love pumpkins/field work

There are folks that collect apples things,some collect corn things, others collect things with cherries. I collect pumpkin things. Not halloween.

I now have out my soup tureens and some of the serving dishes on the shelves in the dining room. I will share as I get more things on display.I love having the pumpkin things out.

I had looked for years for affordable plates and dishes with pumpkins. I found them at Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago.

Every year for several years I have participated in the festival of tables held at our local library. 2008 was the year for the pumpkins.

2009 it was a Christmas table

This year I will be using red white and blue.

Mr. T is done with field work. The corn and bean harvest is complete. Thank God all are safe and sound.
It is a worry each year.
Tonight, Oct.15,2010, Mr. T was remembering other harvest seasons and can not remember having such mild weather on the last day of corn picking.
They finished November 21, 2009.
Have a great weekend.j

October 10, 2010

Bright Spots in My World

What a beautiful weekend. I took several pictures of a few bight spots in my world. Things and people.
I am loving this new camera!

It was a fun weekend. Our DD came for a visit with our youngest grand son.
We had a list of things to do.
1-- Catch the baby fish the raccoon missed. (with grandson)
2--Hand dip beeswax candles. (with grandson)
3--Bake a sour cream apple pie. New recipe DD brought(recipe to follow)

I am happy to say all things on the list got done.

We also tried out the new hot dog/marshmallow stick. It is long and keeps Cam away from the fire.

Mr.T and Cam getting ready to catch the remaining fish.
What a surprise. I was guessing there were maybe a dozen left in the few inches of water. WRONG we found 39, 2 inch fish. Here you see Cam gently held one for the picture.
They are now happy in the big tank in the greenhouse.

The candles were not as much fun after catching the fish. But fun enough to dip a dozen.

The pie was very good. DD did the mixing I only sliced apples. We think it needed 1 or 2 more large apples.

Sour cream apple pie
2 Tbs flour
1/8 tsp. salt
3/4 cup sugar
1 egg
1 cup sour cream
1/2 tsp. vanilla
2 cups sliced apples(approx.3 large apples)
* mix flour,salt and sugar together. Add egg,sour cream and vanilla.Beat until smooth. Add sliced apples, stir well. Pour into pie shell.Bake at 400 degrees for 15 min.Reduce heat to 350 degrees and bake for 30 min. longer. Cover crust with a crust cover or aluminum foil to prevent burning.

*Mix topping set aside
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup flour
1 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
6 Tbs. real butter
blend together

*Remove pie and add topping ingredients which have been blended together.
Return to oven and bake at 400 degrees for 10 min.Enjoy

Have a great week. j

October 6, 2010

pond disaster

As I climbed the ladder to continue painting I looked out the window that over looks the pond. For some reason there was only about a foot and a half of water left in the pond.We had installed a new pump and it seemed to loose a little water every day. Yesterday when I fed the fish the level was a little low but I did not want to add more as we are/were going to take the fish out when Cam comes on Saturday. It was not nearly as low as it is today.
I went out to add more water and found my fish dead all over the ground with some floating in the water.What ever got them did not even eat them they just ate off the head and left them.
Even the babies were dead.
I have a few left of my 8 year old fish and a few babies.
Sorry to be so graphic. I feel so bad. I know they are just fish but when you have them as long as I have had these they become special. I am not sure the rest will survive the big fish seem to have some scale damage. I have them in the big tank in the greenhouse now. We will try to live trap the raccoon that I believe is the culprit.
Makes for a very depressing day.j

Painting the rooms

It has been a while since I posted to the blog.I have been painting the living room and computer room. We have lived in this beautiful old home for 39 years. I have always had the same basic soft yellow in the rooms.Well I have made a change.
I really like the cottage look. The browns,whites and black.
Here is a site that gives and over view and some good ideas for the look.
They say---Country and city cottages tend toward neutrals and pastels. I go for the neutrals with a bit of color as in RED.
They suggest I add more white. Check ---Did that.
They suggest blending old and new. Check ---Did that Used to call that shabby sheik.
They suggest display on open shelves. Check--- That is the plan.I will have to wait on Mr. T for that element. the shelves will be above the ladder with the flags.
They suggest I bring the outdoors in. Check Did that.

Because of the recent trends to re purpose I fit right in. I have always had to re purpose not because I wanted to be in style but because of need.

I still love to redo rather than buy new. So much for today's blog. I really have to finish the painting. Stay tuned for more updates.