February 1, 2011

new tools

Though I would share the new tools in the house.
The first is one purchased by Mr. T.
Now he says it is for me but actually it is his way to get to buy a new toy.
He tells me it weighs only 2#.Great! He tells me I can use it to put on siding! Whoooyyyyyy nellie I am not putting up siding! Does that tell you who this, new to this household, tool is really for.

There have been other tools in the past that were * mine* funny thing I saw them when they came into the house but never again.

 I did get a new tool for sewing.
I have heard that the ott lights are really good. They are!!!It is so much easier to see to do my hand work now.
They had them on sale at joanne fabrics last week.
I will have to be very careful it does not disappear.
Mr.T tried out the light.
His comment about needing one in the shop was a red flag for sure.Ya have to watch out for Mr. T when he smiles.
Hope you are all in safe and staying warm.j


Wanda said...

I asked for 2 for Christmas a couple of years ago and got them. Love them very much. Hang on to it sounds like Mr. T is really wanting it.


Lisa said...

I have a few Ott lites, but I just had to get that blue one when it came out. Did you see they just came out with a hand held one for shopping??!!