November 3, 2010

Shelves up

Again I came up with an idea Mr. T. had to help with. Poor man hates it when I say "I have this idea".
Remember from the post about the first shelf?--- well the idea was to use up some of the wainscoting we took out of the rectory.
Of course it became more of a chore than I thought and it took longer than it should have but they are both done and they are perfect. They went from a stack of boards like this to finished shelves like this.
The wall looks green but is brown.Funny how the light changes things.

Now I have to decide if I want to paint and glaze them to match the entertainment center. I am leading towards painting. I will not do anything until we get back from the quilt retreat weekend. Did you notice I got 2 new side lamps? It is coming together but not quite done. Still need curtains. The brackets are up but are to low so they all have to be moved up.

I look at Martha's blog everyday and saw her new things.Corbels.Love them!

The shelves are where I wanted to use the Martha Stewart corbels. Her new line is at Home Depot. Cupboards and all that goes with them. I stopped at the HD in Waterloo.They did not have the corbels in stock. I asked the price so they looked them up.
Are you sitting down??? $344.00 each.

I know they would have looked better than my hobby lobby metal brackets but I really didn't think $1376.00(for 4) plus tax was in my budget. I may find other corbels in my price range and can always change them later. I wrote to Martha,on her blog, but did not hear back. Did I really think I would. Well yes------------ well no not really. If someone wrote to me and said that my product line was not affordable for everyday people I guess I would not respond either. Have a great weekend. See you next week. j

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