November 30, 2010

decorating and snack for the holidays

Today is the start of all that is holiday for me. It really makes no difference if anyone else sees the decorations. I love this season and decorate and tweak right up until the day. I love the reason for the season. The music and making presents and so much more.
I brought one of the trees down, from the closet, this a.m. It is in need of new lights.The old lights have lasted for many years on this tree. It is decorated with things I have made in the past. Hand dipped candles, painted pine cones, corn husk and fabric angels. I will take everything off while watching the Duggers on TV this evening. Put on the new gold and white lights and decorate it again. It is worse for the wear from last year.
Some one put it away a little rough.

Snacken Good Snack Mix

The recipe was given to me in 2007 by my friend Judy F.
It is a bit pricey to buy everything but it is soooooooo worth it.
I burned the first batch in 2007. I learned pay attention to the temp of the oven. When it says 250 degrees that is what it means.

6 cups bugles
5 cups nacho bugles
4 cups cheese its
3 cups mini pretzels
2 cups crispix cearel
2 cups cashews or mixed nuts
1 small bag gold fish crackers
2 pkgs. ranch dressing
3/4 cup popcorn oil(I like Orville Redenbacher.)

I put all in a large enamel roaster sprinkle the dry dressing over. Stir
Pour the oil over all, stir.
Cover-- bake 40 -45 min@250 --stirring every 10 min.
store in covered container.

You can adapt.We do not like pretzels so I add more of something else. It makes a popular gift.
Happy Holidays

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