November 15, 2010

200 year old pine trees/Quilt retreat 2010

What a great time I had at the 3rd and 4th day of the retreat.
While we were there the volunteers came to work on the trees damaged by the hail storm in 2009.
It was devastating. The 200 year old pine trees did not make it and they are all being cut down.The trees around the lodge had to come down because of the danger they posed to the buildings. There are many other trees to come down.They cut 5 or 6 that weekend.
There are over 360 trees on pine lake park
property that are dead or dying. Pine lake state park will no longer have pine trees. Very sad to see these giant trees come down. The 3rd picture is looking back at the lodge up on the hill behind the stand of 200 year old pines that are on the park proper.

I went on Friday the 5th but because of a bad headache went home on Saturday.
I had paid for another day so set up to go back on Thursday the 11th and 12th.Here are several of the projects others were working

on.Aren't they beautiful! There were many more.
I'll be sharing the things I did in another post.j

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