March 27, 2010

Sophie doll

I started this doll for a challenge on the vintage cloth doll yahoo group.Pictures in previous post. She is a plain doll and I was not really enthusiastic about doing her.

I have been in doll limbo for a while.I made her up thinking I would get fired up and really get into dolls again.Well that is not the case.I have made many many cloth/ rag dolls so many it is not much of a challenge to do them just for the sake of making one.I painted her with acrylic paints and was even less happy with her.

Tuesday I had to drive my mom to Ames to the doc. We stopped at Hobby Lobby and I bought a new block of paper clay. I had been thinking of putting a paper clay face on Sophie.
What fun!!!

I had an old doll head/face I used as the base for the face.
I've posted on my web shots pages pictures of the progress. This is a new thing for me putting actual eyes in a face. I usually oil paint the faces. I will cover her face with a very thin fabric a and oil paint her details.

The sculpting process with the clay is so much fun. Every little bit added or moved just a little changes the look.

Over the years I have saved pictures to use for inspiration. I posted a few to this album.
I will keep you posted on the process.

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Whimcees said...


I am following the Sophie Doll progress and looking forward to seeing her evolve into the finished doll! I too have been in doll limbo and just starting to return to it. :<)

Wishing you a great week!

Barbara Diane