March 11, 2010

Rag doll progress/last post

Poor thing has been waiting and waiting.I finally took the time to paint her acrylic base coat this morning.
I'm not quite sure where we are going but she is drying.She is laying on my light box silly thing.
Hard to find a place she would balance without getting paint all over.
It is hard to decide weather to do her in oils or in colored pencils and pens.This is the Sophie pattern by Mc calls.I still think she looks like she has Popeye arms.Hope to hide them in the clothes.I normally do my own patterns but this is a challenge for a yahoo group I belong to.

The days here in Iowa are damp, foggy, and just plain dreary. No sun for days.We are in a flood watch already and spring is not here yet.

After the flood of 2008 we are moving things out of harms way.

I have to tell you the cake recipe in the last post was really good. I left out the coconut cream(couldn't find it).Used the whole can of sweetened condensed milk.When I served it I put strawberries on the cake, then the whipped cream and coconut flakes.It was a hit with everyone that tried a piece.
Have a great weekend.Hope for sunny days.

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