March 15, 2010

Ice from the Iowa rivers

The ice went out of the river that runs through our town.The town sign reads Best town by a dam site.
We took a drive Sunday to the Rv and boat show.
As we got closer to home we noticed the river was much higher than when we left. There had been ice jams in several places below the dam.The ice above the dam broke sometime Sunday.
I took pictures in an areas north and west of town.It is a field.The trees along the river bank shows how far the water went to float the massive ice into the field.I don't know how it got between the trees.
The ice is over 8 inches thick.It is amazing how the water rose and left the ice on the field.
The week looks like it will be warmer. The snow is melting even at night.It is good to see the dirty ground after seeing nothing but snow for months.
Have a good week.j

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