March 3, 2010

Rag doll

Today I started the challenge doll for the vintage cloth doll group challenge.
It is hard for me to stay true to a pattern.I did ok but did not follow exactly.

The pattern is a remake of a vintage pattern.McCalls needs to up date this pattern.It is a basic doll pattern with a 5 part head.The arms are a bit to large and the feet a bit too short.
They do not have the straight of the grain markings on the pattern pieces so once you use the pattern those are lost to the pattern unless you mark them yourself.They also do not have the number of pieces you need to cut on the pattern piece.
That is basic 101 pattern design as far as I am concerned.

I added ears.Also knee and elbow seams so she sits very well.
The challenge is to do the doll and ward robe for her over the rest of the year.
Pattern calls for yarn hair but she may want painted hair.I'll see once I do the face.

Moving the sewing rooms is at a stand still until Mr. T. gets the rest of his things moved.
That is one of the reasons I needed a distraction with making a doll.Feels good to be doing them again.It has been too long.
so much for this day.Hope yours was good.


SympleTymes , and Pinkeeps, said...

Hi judi,I think your doll is just so pretty even at this stage,I LOVE how her head is, Did you gesso it?? her ears are perfect, I did order the North Carolina Cloth Doll recreation of the Maggie Bessie Doll by the Pfohl Sisters of Salem,
am so looking forward to starting her,The front of the head has a dart and two back pieces,I think the body might be a challenge for me,or its mean making a big thing out of it, then adding th lower leg, either way I WILL not give up!.
Once again what a beautiful job you have done creating your challenge doll
Hugs Sherrie

Hardin County Keepsakes said...

Hi Sherri,
She is not gessoed yet just the color of the feed sack fabric I used.
I need to get busy on her face.Can't decided what to do.Oil paint of colored pencils?

Cockney Jules said...

Hi, love what you've done with this pattern. can you tell me what number pattern it is so that I can try to get hold of one please? I would be most grateful, Best wishes, julia