January 9, 2010

Painting a cloth doll

Columbians are my favorite cloth doll.I could never afford one so I tried to make my own.It took me a while to figure out my dolls would never be Columbian so I just do judith ann dolls.I really am glad I took the class from Susan Fosnot that started me on this doll journey.

The talk about painting a doll on one of my yahoo lists got me inspired to get started on one of my UFO's.
She is coming along.
She will get more shading and hair tomorrow. For now I will share pictures of the process.

I start with 3 flesh colors.Each made from the first blend of white and burnt sienna. One darker, one lighter.It takes very little sienna to make flesh color.
This I learned from Susan Fosnot.Every other color I blend will start with that first blend as its base. Except the black on the pupil.I do not use black any where else when I paint a doll.

burnt sienna
burnt umber are the basic.A red, a yellow, and a blue.
The light outline is done with water color pencils.I then use the base color and burnt umber to do the outline.With a small shading brush I lightly blend the outline paint ,so it is not so heavy a line.
I love painting the faces.I do not know why it has taken so long to get back to it.


carla (http://dancingmoon-carla.blogspot.com/) said...

This is great!!!! I love to see works in progress!!!! Thank You

SympleTymes , and Pinkeeps, said...

oh judi this is just totally wonderful to be able to see your beautiful doll come to life,Sharing with us step by step your just the best my friend
Hugs Sherrie

iluvmath_3 said...

Beautiful painting!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You for sharing with us!!!!

Plain-n-Simple! said...

Very Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank You for sharing!!!!

Hardin County Keepsakes said...

Thank you all for stopping by.Sherrie my friend you are the best for posting about my blog thanks.
Carla I can always count on you for an ego boost.
To the 2 Jackie's.
Thank you. Jackie no.1.
And Jackie no 2 I went to look at your blog and your dolls are beautiful.I will be checking bask to see the progress on the I walkers.

Clothmatters said...

Your dolls are adorable! Sherrie at Symple Tymes was bragging how beautiful your dolls were.......and she was right!