January 15, 2010

Arms and legs on the dolls

These 4 finally have their arms and legs.Their modesty would not allow for any more naked pictures.

While looking in my storage boxes I ran across the hats and scarves my mom made for the American girl dolls.
A couple of hats are too big but they insisted they would be happy with the cover ups.The dolls are 14-18 inches tall.
The doll on the left(Marcella June) is all cloth, oil painted.

The other 3 have a little or a lot of paper clay.The one on the right has a cloth over a mask, then paper clay details.
The biggest is a paper clay mask made from a sculpt I did.The mask is added over the cloth head/body pattern that is my Maggie Joy pattern.Marcella June is also the Maggie Joy pattern reduced.
The Maggie Joy pattern is one I have worked on over the 25 years of doll making.It has been revised and tweaked and revised again.Each doll made from the pattern is a little different than the one before.
My dolls are made from vintage feed sack fabric.I like the texture it has.Has a kind of canvas feel to it.

MJ. is a big doll.24 inches.

Clothes are next for the 4 dolls.Then doll quilts.
Stay tuned

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Martha said...

I love your dolls, I wish I lived near you so you could teach me how to make them. They are all so wonderful! Sigh. . .