January 7, 2010

Little Doll Quilt

Remember the 2 books I got for Christmas?For the last couple of days I have been working on a doll quilt challenge for the smallquilttalk yahoo group.The first picture is of the stack of fabrics.The 2nd picture is of the 2 blocks I like the best.

This is the first quilt in the Prairie Children and their quilts book.The friendship star quilt.

It is a scrap quilt but I gave away all my scraps to quilters.So i picked from my stash.Now I have some scraps!

When the tips of the points are not just right or a seam is not just so it tends to bother me. Many have told me it does not have to be exact, but I want it to be.
I will finish the binding tonight.I do enjoy the hand work.

I will keep making the quilts(because I love these little quilts), until I get one that is as good as I can do. I will share this one and hope the next is better. I have tons of fabric to use up.I like the game board quilt and the schoolgirl sampler patterns in this book.It will be hard to choose which on is next.

As I worked on this project today I thought about the pioneers that came to Iowa.How could they have survived this weather we are having. Tonight's forecast is for 30 degrees below wind chill.

I am sitting in a very nice *warm*house.The lighting is good and the materials I have are good.
The pioneers were cold,they had to be.The fabrics were re purposed and the lighting had to put a strain on the eye.They did not have fancy cutters and mattes.They made do with what ever they had on hand.
Writing this now and letting myself think that way, I will be satisfied with what I have done and not complain.It may not be perfect but it will do. I am blessed to live in this time.
stay warm

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SympleTymes , and Pinkeeps, said...

judy,I so enjoyed your beautiful doll quilt!You really did a wonderful job! I have my American Doll Quilts book right nest to me here on the couch ,I have been reading the history and am awe of how they truly lived, Simple but hard life yet they thought nothing of it,I have such a love and great respect for yesteryear!