September 5, 2012

This year I planted gourd seed to grow up on the greenhouse.Oh my goodness they are growing. The old  wire bed spring was just the thing for it to hang onto.
It was slow to start but now grows a foot a day.The baby gourds are forming.I'm not sure we will get any big enough to dry but it is fun to watch this thing grow.

I also planted a vine on the new fence.It was a new plant to me.I think it was a candle vine.the blossoms are really unusual and pretty.                                                                                                   The vine on the arbor has beautiful colored berries.They almost look fake. Blue,green and purple. The weather is a bit cooler. My Doctors appointment went well yesterday. All is good in my world. Hope it is the same for you.jlink


Kalantikan said...

Hi i am new here. I am envious of your birdhouse gourd, as once a US blogger friend sent me seeds, but after germination it cannot grow and succumbed so fast to pests and diseases. I guess it has yet to acclimatize properly to our tropical climate.

Beth said...

Love the porcelain berry vine, and good luck with the gourds! They make great fall centerpieces/decor.