September 26, 2012

Good food new chair

This morning I was cleaning out the fridge.You know how it is you put something in the freezer for just a little while. Well I found a bag of green beans I put in there earlier this summer when I cooked a large pot of fresh green beans,way to many for us to eat. I decided to do something with them before they got freezer burn. I heated the frozen beans,(about 2 quarts) so I could make green bean casserole. (Didn't want to wait for them to defrost.) Got them strained, opened the can of cream of chicken soup ; well turned out to be cheddar cheese soup. Dang! well now what? I added a can of mixed vegetables, a half can of Frenches onions and an envelope of onion soup mix. Oh my goodness it is good. I will add buttered bread crumbs before I bake it for supper.Along with BBQ pork sandwiches it will be good.
Will let you know if Mr. T thinks it is a keeper recipe.
If he does it will be the 2nd one this week.
I have lots of tomatoes and tried making cream of tomato soup. It was so so good. Will be making more for sure.I didn't think to take a pictures.Sorry next time.
I cooked 5 med. tomatoes ,a chopped onion, 2 small potatoes quartered,1 teaspoon mrs. dash seasoning 1/2 teaspoon garlic juice,1 teaspoon tastefully simple seasoned salt in 4 cups of chicken broth. When the potatoes were done and it cooled a bit I put it in my blender on puree. I strained out the seeds just because I don't like them.Set aside. Make a rue of 1/4 stick butter 4 table spoons flour and add a can of evaporated milk.Wisk to smooth. Add to first mixture. I put it in a slow cooker on low just to keep till supper. I never know when that will be while Mr. T is in the field. I served it with seasoned crackers.Good food!
Funny how when the weather gets cooler I get in the mood to cook.
The weather is beautiful but I am praying for rain everyday.
I also get in the mood to move things around.
 The shelves were in the living room but I moved things around to accommodate a new to me glider chair from Carol Ann's 2nd hand store. The cushions are not my favorite color so I will probably have them redone in a neutral.

I needed a place for the bread and chips.I do not have a bread box and it is unhandy to have it in the pantry. The shelves works out for now. I am keeping my eye open for a small taller cupboard to replace the blue cupboard under the window. I think I will paint the shelves the new color I am going to paint the island cupboards. So much for my Wed. Hope you all are having a great week.j
ps. the beans were a big hit with Mr.T.

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