September 21, 2012

Fall plants

    The gourd vine has grown.The pictures tell it all.It is covering the greenhouse.It has been fun to watch it grow,about a foot a day after it finally got going.The little gourds will probably not dry.They are to small.The last picture is of the baby gourd in the 3rd picture. They are only about 4-5 inches long.
    The flowers last a day. I have moved the big ferns and some of the other house plants back into the greenhouse.The Christmas cactus is beautiful.I brought it in.Hope it will bloom.The last pictures are the pots on the front steps and the volunteer sun flowers under the bird feeders.Something is really eating the flower petals.Happened over night.The bumble bees are loving them.

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    Have a great weekend.j


    Beth said...

    I enjoyed seeing your gourds and I like your flowers on the steps!

    Kalantikan said...

    nsocyHi, I've always loved the Chinese 'wulu' or that birdhouse gourd. A US blogger friend once sent me seeds, which germinated but didn't grow and easily succumbed to insects. It hasn't acclimatized well to the hot tropics. But its white flower is so lovely, if only they are larger. Wendy at Voice in the Garden has a lot of harvest of that gourd, and they are giving them out as gifts.

    Quilts, Etc said...

    Thanks for the tomatoe soup recipe. Also, I just love your blog