September 6, 2012

Change is good. I forgot to take before pictures .I had  blue mason jars on the shelf. 
Soon it will be time for tea and hot chocolate again. Moving things around always lifts my spirits.
They,the blue jars, are now on the screen porch in the hoosier cupboard.

 The lamp shade has a wooden lid. I have used a cookie jar as the base then,a gallon jar and now the jar full of tea as a base. Fun!

 This fits me,so I framed it.
"I want to lead a simple uncluttered life.I really DO!Apparently I'm incapable of it."
 "This is my kitchen and I will do as I darn well please. "
I have had these little plates on the wall and signs for years and love them still.Something I will never change are the touches of Americana I have though out our home. These 2 flower pots have held my necessary kitchen tools for years. I love them still. No change here. 

The hot pot is great. Makes a cup at a time. Tea or hot chocolate.

The shelf above the sink was in need of a make over too.I added some of my pumpkin collection

It is time to paint the base cupboards. When we did the kitchen remodel in 2007 I was so worn out when it came the the new base cabinets I only put a couple of light coats of finish. Now is time to choose the color.what do you think? Mr.T. and I both picked the same one. The one on the top of the door. I will will glaze them like I did the top cupboards.

The vine is growing a foot a day. It has covered the greenhouse roof.Well time to tweek a bit more.
Have a great weekend. j
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marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Everything is so pretty and I love all of your country decor. Your hoosier is fantastic too. Can't wait to see the cabinets. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty