February 17, 2012

My week

A trip to the Joann store in Ames was a welcome trip.The weather is not warm enough to garden but warm enough for a day trip.We ate at Hickory Park again.Good food!
We went to Lowe's for electrical wire. More progress for the new laundry area. YAY! We found a globe that fit the fan/light fixture. That is finished.
The weather was so nice yesterday Mr. T could use the cement mixer to finish the pad for the washer/dryer. That was so much easier than mixing by hand.

We stopped at Story City,on the way home, at the antique mall. They had a lot of dolls. I found one in my budget. She needs a body. That will be my weekend project. I know very little about China dolls.This one just caught my eye she will be at least 18 inches when done. I love her face.Well that was my week. Hope you all have a great weekend.j

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