February 8, 2012

Checking in.Birthdays,quilting and plant blooms

I will link to http://www.tootsietime.com/
It is already Wed.Where does the time go? This month our daughter and oldest grand daughter have a birthday. Oldest daughter does not like birthdays so pretend I didn't mention it.
Our DGD turned 18 this week.Time goes by so fast.Love u Hallie.

This week I finally finished hand and machine quilting the Pin wheel quilt.Pattern by Kathleen Tracy. I added doves to the center and some heart buttons. I can use it for Valentines day. Glad to finish it before the day.

Yesterday when I opened  the greenhouse door there was such a wonderful scent. My star jasmine plant was blooming.Just 2 small flowers filled the space with a heavenly scent.
 The shamrock and geraniums are blooming again.
The poinsettia from 2010 has turned and has a bloom.What a treat.
Spring will be here soon.Have a good rest of the week.j


sabri said...

ohh..loving the flowers and greenary....can't wait for spring..sabri~

Sonia said...

That star jasmine is so pretty! I may have to buy one this year! Thanks for sharing your pretty photos!
Miss Bloomers

Tootsie said...

I wonder if I could grow a jasmine in my greenhouse???? I would love that! Your quilts are gorgeous that you share today...I am not a seamstress...but I do love my flowers! lol
thanks for linking in today...I hope to see you again soon!

Andrea said...

Hi my first time here, I haven't seen you earlier in FF. That triangular purple one, which i forgot the name, is also thriving here, that means it can withstand cold climes.

Bernie H said...

I can imagine the smell of the Jasmine filling up the greenhouse! Lovely. Your quilt is just beautiful. Love the doves in the middle.