April 13, 2011

Spring/lots of pictures

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  It is over a week since I shared anything. I have been busy cleaning. Yard,gardens, porches,patio etc. The weather has been beautiful. I stopped at the greenhouses to see what is new. Of course I had to bring home a few things just to put in the greenhouse. There is nothing that smells better than purple petunias. Not all purple petunias,smell good, but they had the right ones yesterday. I try to put a pot by the steps so when people stop by they get that good welcome site and smell. Besides the hanging  baskets were on sale.The light shining on them today made them glow.
 My little roses I bought before Valentines day are budded and blooming. The cyclamen also is blooming again.This tiny space has brought me such joy through the years.As small as it is I can really pack a lot in there.I have planted some seeds and have a flat ready for more.

I have been working on the screened porch.It was really in need of a deep clean. Including scrubbing the wood floor.The floor is boards we bought at the auction when they remodeled the library. It was the shelving.
The little chair is in need of a redo but it is so comfy I will put that off for a while.

This porch looks out to the patio.In the winter we put plastic over the screen and that is still there for a while.Needs to be a bit warmer before we take it down, for now when the sun shines in it is so nice and warm. A great place to sit and eat lunch.

This space is where I have things I love but have no place for in the house.The things that don't match anything else. No room for my Hoosier cupboard so it is out there.

The blue cupboard is one of the original lockers from the Popejoy Iowa school.It is signed on the back by an Ingelbritisen. It is storage for my vases and pots on the right,table clothes etc on the left.

Also out there are my collection of baskets and picnic baskets, woven and metal.
Everything out there is old(except the little refrigerator.)Not antique but vintage. Including me.
So you can see nothing matches but I love it all so it will stay for a while..

The weather is going to get cold again but it will not stay. The garden is tilled and the strawberries are starting to stand up tall.The weeks are flying by. Enjoy everyday j

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Merilyn said...

What a lovely post, I really enjoyed it!!! I love your screened porch, it looks so inviting and cosy, what a great space with all your treasures around you! Your little garden area is lovely too, all the beautiful colours of spring!!! Thanks for sharing your little part of the world!!