April 18, 2011

Prom weekend

We made a trip to St. Micheal Mn. this past weekend to see our oldest grand daughter dressed for her first prom.We had planned to go on Friday in our motor home and stay the weekend but mother nature had other plans. That 4 letter word the chills us.SNOW. There was just a dusting in most areas but south of Fairbolt was  3-4 inches. Winter just does not want to let loose.

On our way we noticed the water was very high in the rivers.The far line of trees in the center of the picture is the river bank.

Many plans were made and changed but we got there in time to see her get her hair done. I had taken the tiara I wore 49 years ago to my prom and she had thought to wear it but decided not to have big hair so it did not work out. She did put it on so I could take her picture. The little neighbor girl though it beautiful and she put it on too.

Sydney the younger sister is the one who, found the dress Hallie chose, while they were dress shopping.It is beautiful.
 Here is the head piece she chose to wear.
 She is a heart breaker for sure. Beautiful!
Here she is with her handsome guy

It was so cold all the kids were shivering.

There were 182 in the grand march.What a wonderful day they had. I wish it would have been warmer but in 49 years Hallie will say boy was it cold on my junior prom.
They grow up so fast.
Have a great week everyone.

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Merilyn said...

What a lovely group photo!!! I remember my first big occasion too! ah!! the memories!!! the purple dress and wrap is very classy!!!!