April 25, 2011

Signs of spring.

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What a beautiful Easter day we had yesterday. Sun shining, very little wind, warmer than it has been for the last few weeks. It was a perfect day for egg hunts and spending time with family.
For us it was a day for remembering Christ, and spending time in our yard. There were so many signs of the promised spring.
The forsythia is blooming.
The first 2 asparagus shoots.
The rich black dirt of the newly tilled vegetable garden.
Tulips ready to burst open.
My first daffodil.
The last picture is of a tiny fern peony.My friend Carol gave me a tiny start last year.I did not think it made it but it surprised me.Nice surprise.
There is much more to do in the yard to make it beautiful but,yesterday, we get a good start with the cleaning. 
Have a great week.j


Merilyn said...

Spring is definitely showing itself! lovely to see new life emerging!!

Picket said...

Hey girl...so glad you are seeing signs of Spring..we have had some beautiful sunny days down here..yesterday was a perfect Easter day..the knock out roses were in their full glory! Bill is a grass guy but he knows how much I love flowers so he always spoils me by letting me have my way with the yard! lol I hope you have a great week sweetie....Picket

Linda said...

It looks like Spring is showing herself everywhere!!I love watching for new growth!