January 7, 2011

new sewing machine

Mr. T. was walking through the sewing room while i was running my old Kenmore machine.
He said "Boy it is sure noisy"."Yes it is" says I.Then he says "I think you need to look for a new machine."
He did not have to tell me twice. I found the right machine on Monday,at the local fabric store and bought it on Tuesday!!!!Local is best as far as I am concerned. Service is close and Dennis is good at what he does.
My Kenmore was over 25 years old. It has done a good job for me along with all the garage sale machines I have had through the years.

I still Love my pfaff 139 and my feather weight but the new machine is a dream.
Love the needle feature and the drop in bobbin.Along with lots of other things.
I put together a small quilt using the tube quilt directions from quiltingboard.com.
What a fun and easy way to do a quilt. 2 hours to cut and put the blocks together. Got it pinned so I could baste it.
Basting is done.Now to try the free motion feature on my new machine!!!Have a good weekend.stay warm.It will be bitter cold here in North central Iowa.


Cathy said...
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Cathy said...

She is beautiful and glad she sews beautifully! Enjoy! Bless your dear sweet hubby!

I deleted the first comment because of a spelling error! sorry

Lisa said...

Judy, I've never had luck with a sewing machine, but it looks like a nice one. And you have already made good use of it, I see. :)