January 23, 2011

Another face

As long as I had the paint palette I put a face on another unfinished doll. All these have their faces except the one in the back on the left.She needs a cloth over first.j


Wanda said...


I have just found you about a week ago and have been looking at your last few posts. I love your family, I was raised in a family of 4 children (I was the oldest) so I can understand a bit of the craziness. I love your dolls, I have made a couple and still have my pattern but I like the look of yours better. Do you have a pattern that you go by or are you like the rest of the creative world and wing it? I would love to make a doll like yours one day (I have a granddaughter that is 4 1/2 and think she would like it too).


Robin's Egg Bleu said...

They're going to be beautiful!