January 24, 2011

Feed sack fabric

I was looking for some things in my storage totes in the basement when I ran across some of my feed sack stash.
There is a small quilt in the newest book by Kathleen Tracy I want to make and the feed sack fabric will be perfect I think. Until I start I will not be sure.

I also liked the dress I made from feed sack for the black doll in my blog picture.Maybe something here will work for these 2.
have a great week.j


Lisa said...

What fun to find that fabric. It's almost like you went shopping, only in the basement. The dolls look great. The newest one looks quite a bit like an Izzanah, if that's the look you were going for.

Hardin County Keepsakes said...

Yes shopping in my basement is fun.
I am glad to have the stash.I talked to the local fabric store owner and he says $14 flannel and $12 cotton will be normal soon.

I didn't really think about how she looks. Maybe that is what she started out as.A Walker challenge doll.

You know me I have no luck making a doll that looks like someone else's. judy dolls is all I can do.