October 19, 2010


I thought I would share that one shelf is UP!
There are 3 more to go.
Mr T. is done with field work and was home by 5 last night.That has not happened in a while.
Of course I have a honey do list. Hanging shelves is top of the list.

Before I could paint everything came off the walls and all the nail/screw holes were filled.
By the way. Paper clay works really good for that little job. No sanding just a wet finger will make a smooth surface. I could not find the nail filler.

The first shelf is one I bought years ago at a craft fair. It is made from an old door.
I have had it hanging in the living room,--- now it is in the computer room over the corn burning stove. A perfect fit. More rustic/prim than I want in the living room. Pay no attention to the tools.

I really don't have a style. I like to many different things, so a little country, a little primitive and a little cottage.
Lets just call it . Judy's style.

We moved the entertainment center to the north wall and shelves on either side will be perfect. I can display my things without all the nail holes. I am hoping to do seasonal decorations on the new shelves. in the living room. The 3rd shelf is over a buffet in the computer room.

The man I live with is a saint.I am told that often by my friend Marilyn. He lives with me for starters.
He puts up with my ideas. I have said before I get the idea he makes it real.
Poor man,---- the honey do list is so long he will never be done. If you go to my web shots pages you can see projects he has done. http://community.webshots.com/user/nana5111
patio/patio kitchen and the kitchen remodel are just 2.

I need him to router the 3 boards I bought last week.
Then I can paint and glaze them.
I never was good with waiting for something to be done and for many years I would do some things myself. I still do---- but routing a board is not something I ever learned or ever want to learn. So I wait.

I have never been really good at waiting. Living with Mr. T has taught me many things. Patience is one I am still working on.
I have to say his work is always perfect. Thanks Bud.
I sure hope he reads my blog. Stay tuned for the ongoing shelf saga.

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Lisa said...

I love the shelf, Judy, and especially love your little quilt! Very nice fabrics.