October 6, 2010

pond disaster

As I climbed the ladder to continue painting I looked out the window that over looks the pond. For some reason there was only about a foot and a half of water left in the pond.We had installed a new pump and it seemed to loose a little water every day. Yesterday when I fed the fish the level was a little low but I did not want to add more as we are/were going to take the fish out when Cam comes on Saturday. It was not nearly as low as it is today.
I went out to add more water and found my fish dead all over the ground with some floating in the water.What ever got them did not even eat them they just ate off the head and left them.
Even the babies were dead.
I have a few left of my 8 year old fish and a few babies.
Sorry to be so graphic. I feel so bad. I know they are just fish but when you have them as long as I have had these they become special. I am not sure the rest will survive the big fish seem to have some scale damage. I have them in the big tank in the greenhouse now. We will try to live trap the raccoon that I believe is the culprit.
Makes for a very depressing day.j

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