October 16, 2010

A quote from Dixie

Dixie Redmond is on my blog list.This morning while reading her blog I found something she wrote fit me too.

A quote from Dixie "I know these studies of Izannah's works will inform my next creative steps. That they are a path through to something that is entirely my own. A kind of training ground. "

I wish I had a way with words that some bloggers have. I do not. I write like I talk.
The lines she wrote would fit me perfectly if it said,
"I know the studies of the Columbian dolls and Helen Pringles works did influence my creative steps. They have been a path through to something that is entirely my own. A kind of training ground."

I would have to say these 2 pictures have been where my inspiration has come from for most of my dolls. The girls in red are Helen Pringles.The single girl with the folded hands is my first MJ(Maggie Joy)

The Columbian in white and my Emma in the hat.

Funny how reading/seeing something makes things clearer.
Thanks Dixie,Helen and Emma Adams.


Dixie Sargent Redmond said...

Thanks, Judy! I'll be listing my Helen Pringle for sale soon, so keep an eye out I'm making room for the path, although I hate to let her go!

Whimcees said...


Your dolls are beautiful, your blog is beautiful, your words are beautiful! You lack nothing! :<)

Wishing you a great week!


Barbara Diane