June 16, 2010

A UFO finished

I have had this doll painted and repainted several times.I was never satisfied with her.Today she is finished for the last time.I like her very much.Her crooked little mouth and big eyes make me smile. She is sitting in a coffee can to dry so it was hard to get a good picture.She had her arms and legs attached so the arms have to hang by the side of the can to dry.
I have a hat for her that I bought in a kids 2nd hand store that will be perfect.
She is the biggest doll in this group picture. She had her first layer of paint over the first face.Poor thing. I really do love her now.


quilltr said...

I LOVE her! I've been studying her mouth, the lips are so detailed. You keep getting better and better with your painting. You certainly do have a lot of UFO's there. ;)

Hardin County Keepsakes said...

thank you.
I can't tell you how much time I spent on her mouth.I took her lips off at least 3 times.
Most of the ufo's are finished I have 3 left I think.
This doll has a very round head and chubby cheeks.I really do like how she turned out.I almost threw her away at one point.j

creativedawn said...

Oh gosh...she is beautiful! So is your Sophie...lol

I've been here before..this time I'm following you!
hugz, Pam